I Spanked My Yarn


It deserved it, trust me.

I was going to post pics last night. In my head, the plan was to go home from work, sit down and knit on the Comfort Shawl. Then I remembered that I’ll be in TO this weekend and besides the CS I wanted something brainless and smaller to work on, so I figured “I’ll cast-on a quick pair of socks”. Painless, right? Yeah. Well. I grabbed the orange/red sunrise-looking hank of sock yarn I bought in Vermont with the girls last October. 75% wool, 25% nylon, irresistable colors…I thought it would be easy. I took my ball winder and the hank and went down to the kitchen so I could weigh the hank on the digital scale and wind 2 equal-sized cakes (1 for each sock). I started winding at 9pm.

I was done at MIDNIGHT. Arghhhh!!!! It was smooth sailing straight into Tangle City, with a right turn at Lottsa-Knottsa Avenue. 3 FREAKING hours to wind 2 cakes that ended up being NOT the same weight. I have one that’s 48g and the other is 64g so I’ll make the first toe-up sock with the smaller one and try to use it all…knowing I’ll have a bit left over on the other ball.

I was so mad I actually spanked the yarn. (Well, I smacked it with an open palm- does that count?) There are no pics of the before, during or after because a) I thought it would take about 20 minutes and then I’d be up in bed, knitting, and b) I was too aggrivated once I was done to look at the orange blobs a moment longer. At least these socks will be for me.

So my TO knitting checklist:
-Comfort Shawl and 1 spare skein (just in case)
-Sunrise Socks
-knit-kit with scissors, measuring tape, etc…
-socks book that reminds me how to do the weird wrappy cast-on for the toe-up socks

I’m thisclose to bringing Clapotis too but I think that’s pushing it. My main priority is the shawl, I’m only bringing the sock because the shawl is too big to risk pulling out in the restaurant. I think I can get away with the sock if I knit under the table.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “I Spanked My Yarn

  1. Thanks for the really good laugh. I needed it. What table you plan on knitting under? At the Bar Mitzvah?


  2. Is it me or is there something about vermont yarn and ball winders that just…doesn’t click…lol! Have fun in TO


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