Catching Up

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I came thisclose to winning poker Saturday night. Rich and I were close at the end, and finally we decided to call it on a “best of 5” win. He won. I’m not bitter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday I went to my parents’ house to model the two engagement party outfits. I’d modeled them for Yannick Julie and Rich the night before and instead of there being a clear “winner”, I was told to wear both. My parents couldn’t decide either, so it appears that on the night of my engagement party I will be pulling an awards-show-host type deal and changing halfway through. I’ll probably wear the lace dress first then change into the funky pants for the dancing later. Had to do some shopping for unmentionables (hehe) to go with the outfits, then went back to the parents’ house to spend the afternoon making chocolates for the engagement party…then scrapping the chocolates for the engagement party. What were we thinking? It would have taken waaay too long and not been worth the effort. We stayed over for dinner then headed home to watch some TV, knit and snooze.

Monday was a busy day too. First I went to my LYS, then to a bulk store, then picked up lunch, then raced home to eat in 5min or less, then grabbed my library books, then went to the library to return them and take out some new ones, then went to Curves, then went to Loblaw’s then went home. Whew! I left the house at 10am and was only home after 5pm! On my day off! So much for a nice relaxing day knitting by the TV. I did spend the rest of the day knitting on Clapotis. I have a few yards left and then the first ball is finished. Three balls would really have made for a short scarf, but I was lucky and found the same dyelot at my LYS so I bought an extra ball (and I know they have 9 more) just in case.

Had an interesting experience at Loblaw’s. They have this new (to me) think now where they have the cashier’s name on the monitor at the cash. First and last name. So I get to the cash and I see my cashier’s name and it rings a bell for me. She’s a young girl, looking somewhere between 15 and 18. So I ask her if she ever lived on XX street. She did. Holy cow. This is a girl I used to babysit for when I was in high school! And I DO mean BABYsit…she was 6 months old when I babysat her! MAN I’m getting old.

Got a good phone call too. One of my oldest friends called me with some good news and bad news. The bad? She wouldn’t be able to attend my engagement party. The good? It’s because she’s 3 months pregnant and not feeling well at all and already coming in the week later. Woo hoo! I rambled on a bit there but the best part of that sentance is the part about the baby! Congrats Jessa!

Finally, before going to bed, I watched Canada’s Worst Handyman. It was episode 3, so somewhere I must have missed episode 2. Darryl Darryl Darryl. What were you doing?? Resorting to sabotage? *tsk tsk And here I was thinking you were doing so well.

Tuesday was a pretty uneventful day at work, except I finally found out some info I needed. See, we have an old family friend. (Ok, not that old, but goes back a long time, friends with my parents since high school). This family friend has some kids, similar in ages to the kids in my family. This meant that when we grew up near them, we got together often. When we moved away we stopped seeing them as often (at least the kids) although they stayed family friends. I recently started seeing more of one of the younger kids because she works somewhere I go pretty often. Well, about 2 weeks ago she started feeling kinda sick and, well, fast forwards to the results and it’s leukemia. It’s really bothering me because this girl is so sweet and kind and nice and young. I really wanted to make her something because she’s going to be in the hospital for a while and I wanted her to have something new and clean and comforting. But I was waiting to find out her favorite color and I finally found it out yesterday so right after work I went and bought some yarn in that color and started on a shawl-type thing. I’ll be working more on it tonight at the knitting meetup so I’ll post pics tomorrow or something.

Finally, 2 amusing moments from this morning, both involving Yannick. I was in the spare bedroom grabbing a purse when I hear him make a comment about something working out better when he was a kid. I peek out of the door to see him sitting on the top stair of our staircase.
Yannick: Remember when we were kids and thought it was fun to go down the stairs on our butts? How did we do it?
Me: Didn’t we have diapers to pad our butts back then?
Yannick: Nah, I still did it when I was older.
He then proceeds to go sliding down the stairs on his jeans-covered butt. Let me paint a picture for you: Yannick is 31. 6’2″. 230 lbs. He hadn’t gotten down more than 2 stairs before momentum got a hold of him and he nearly flew down the other 20 or so stairs. I could tell by the fifth stair that this had gone from “hey this is kinda fun” to “ok this really hurts”. I laughed. Oh how I laughed. ๐Ÿ™‚

A little later we were having breakfast and he decided to try one of my new Silhouette Smoothies yogurt drinks. After it was finished he said “You know, it’s just like having yogurt, but not having to spoon it.” I asked him if he always cuddled his yogurt from behind. He didn’t find it quite as amusing as I did.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. You betcha we had diapers to pad our bums. In our house my mother kept all us kids in double fold cloth diapers and rubber pants.


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