Picture Day!

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I borrowed Yannick’s Palm while he was out…

This is the page in the booklet that shows what the outfit is supposed to look like. I’m making the button-down jacket (upper right of left page), the pants and the booties.This is a close-up of the detail on the jacket. It will look better once it’s blocked. This is the completed jacket. I just need to weave in the ends and attach (and buy) buttons.

These are the pants, so far. This leg is almost done, then I just do the other one. Then the booties. By next Saturday. This is the teddy I made for Teddies for Tragedies. I wanted to get at least 1 pic of him before he’s shipped off. It’s not the world’s greatest teddy pattern, but we all have to make them the same, so I could only get creative with color. (Ok, I obviously didn’t get that creative).

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “Picture Day!

  1. Your little baby outfit is gorgeous šŸ™‚ What kind of wool are you using for it? Love the little bear too šŸ™‚ so happy you got a picture of it before you sent it. I’m happy that the ear bump is benign and so sorry about the carpal tunnel syndrome. Hoping it doesn’t affect your knitting.


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