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So here’s the thing. I’ve had this site set up for almost a month now, and have yet to post ‘cus I’ve been lazy and haven’t gotten around to creating the rest of the content for the site. I still keep coming up with ideas for posts, though, and then get annoyed that I can’t go and blog ‘cus I don’t feel like doing the rest of the work. So today I decided SCREW IT. My allergies are acting up and I don’t feel like waiting any longer ‘cus I can’t be bothered to get my act in gear. So the rest of the site will be up whenever I get around to it. For now, at least, the blog will be current.

So what am I doing now? I have 3/4 of 1 sleeve left to finish on the To Dye For sweater from the Stitch ‘n Bitch book. I have the back, front and other sleeve done, and the back blocked. I used a wannabe mohar yarn from Walmart, which I did NOT dye with Koolaid like the book suggests.

This is the back, blocked. To block I put a garbage bag over a piece of foam or foamcore craft board, or even corrugated cardboard if I’m stuck. I pin the piece to size with dressmaker’s pins, then spritz with cool water in a spray bottle, until damp (or almost wet in places I want to stretch a lot). Then I leave it to dry. This back was my first attempt at blocking EVER, and I left it to dry for 2 days. I was afraid to take out the pins- I’d added about 2 inches to the width and was afraid it would spring back to its original size. It hasn’t.

This is the front, not blocked. You can see the difference, especially in the width and the curling edges.

This is one sleeve, not blocked. It’s bell-style. The bottom is down here with the 4 garter rows as a cuff, like the body. The rest of the sweater is done in stockinette.

Next up after that is 2 pairs of socks, or at least the pair for Yannick. I bought some cool yarn for those, my pair will be striped, and his will appear to be Fair Isle, without all the color switching work. Eventually there’ll be an eyemask from and a tank from, but first I have to get to a special project. As part of my birthday present this year, Yannick took me to Ottawa during one of our vacation days and treated me to a pattern book and all the yarn to complete a project. So I got a great book that has over 20 patterns (at least 5 of which I’m really eager to make), and all 22 (plus 2 extra) skeins needed to make a gorgeous black scalloped top and matching long skirt, plus a skein of a “fancy” yarn with blocks in it, to make a contrasting scarf to add a little color. I’m feeling very spoiled and very eager to knit, especially after the last 3 weeks of rush-crocheting for work (see “3 kids” in my completed stuff section, once it’s up).

I think I’ll end here, adding only that I’m really looking forwards to starting my knitting classes on Sept. 20. I know the basics obviously, but I’m looking forwards on how to make my stuff more professional, and then eventually getting to the level 2 class and learning how to design my own patterns.

Oh, and for those who don’t feel like reading about whatever craft stuff I’m doing, there will also be some bits and such about my life in this too, I just have nothing of that type to add right now. My life’s boring. I wanna knit.
There are a bunch of products I want from…I hope my husband sees this message!

Handknitting with Meg Swanson


knitting around


op knitter


from the top


raz pacifier

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