Seeing as how I’ve never met a deadline I didn’t like, I’ve got a lot on my knitting plate right now. That still didn’t stop me from throwing some (5!!) new projects into the mix.

Remember those swatches I showed you? They became bunnies!

A friend is in town with her young daughter and I wanted to make her a little something. (I admit to also being influenced by the cuteness of Amy’s swatch bunny and wanting to make one myself).

The pink one is for Rebecca.
This wee little bunny is TINY!
All together only an inch and a half long! Yannick thinks an 18 month old might try to swallow the bunny, so I’ll tell her mother to put it away until she thinks she’s old enough to play with it.

Here’s a link to the free pattern.

I really wanted one for myself too, which led to this little guy:

Isn’t he precious? I followed the pattern as written for each, but modified the ears so they wouldn’t end up too huge. Plus I added a little loop on mine so I can hang it on my keychain.

It will be hard to separate the two- they seem to be getting along quite well!

I don’t know why this photo has me thinking of the Cabbage Patch Kids.

So those are 2 of the 5 new projects. This weekend I also worked on a little something for one of the girls in Jakob’s playgroup. The first of our kids turned 1, and we had a little party for her on Monday. Everyone had agreed “no gifts” but I couldn’t show up empty handed, so I make a quick little cupcake for her. It only took 2 hours to knit, stuff and sew, and I put a bell inside too so that it rattles.

I had wanted to put a “B” on top for Brooklyn, the birthday girl, but after I knit the icord and held it in place, it looked really stupid and bulky (instead of sweet and icing-y like I’d envisioned). Yannick encouraged me to add some sprinkles instead.

The pattern is a free one, from here. I did make a few modifications. Besides not doing the cherry on top, I skipped row 1 and went right into the increase row to avoid the point at the bottom that I saw on some finished ones. I also added an increase row after the first k row of the icing section. I did a *p1, yo, rep from * around” row, and on the following row I purled but every time I got to one of the yarn-overs I purled it through the back loop to close the hole. After purling another row or so I did a *p2tog, repeat from * around” row to get back to the original number of stitches. I wanted the cupcake top to have a puffy look where it joined the cake part. I didn’t stuff it exactly right, but it gives a look closer to what I’d wanted.