the one that should have been posted tuesday march 11

I’m going to try and recreate a week’s worth of posts tonight before I go to bed. I had a lot of stuff I wanted to share but didn’t, and I know if I keep putting it off then I’ll never get around to it, so I’m going to try and get as much out as I can remember.

Last Tuesday Jakob and I left work in the early afternoon to attend the Shiva for the grandmother of one of the other moms in my playgroup. I mean Jakob’s playgroup. Yeah – it’s for him. I mention this because it will become relevant by Thursday. This was my little guy all dressed up for his big day. (Thanks for the vest Debbie!)
p.s. these are Yannick’s legs!!
Anyhoo…Tuesday night was the March MKG meeting.
This month instead of having a topic discussion we were all encouraged to bring some random stash yarn that would add up to a chunky weight, and we were to knit 1 hour hats which would be donated to a charity. I brought these yarns:
I know the thin glitter strand is from my Bubbie’s stash that I inherited. I’m pretty sure the burgundy tweed is from there too, and the peach polar fleece was a thrift store find. The two thicker yarns were not ones I could ever see using on their own, and I threw in the glitz to keep myself awake while I knit the hat. Because I spent most of the meeting helping one of the members with a crochet pattern I didn’t get the hat knit in one hour, but I DID finish it when I got home that night.

I wasn’t consistent about what order the yarns landed in on the needle (sometimes the peach was first, other times the darker one) which is why the hat doesn’t have a uniform color. When the peach was first the burgundy became the predominant color on the following row, and vice versa.
It is a simple stockinette stitch hat, knit flat and seamed up the back, with a rolled brim.
This is why I’m glad it will be given to a charity, and is not intended for me to wear. Man I look stupid in hats. :] I’m 1 step away… LOL

(Although I think this one came out kinda cool).