Lucy Neatby workshop Sunday, March 25 2007- a day in photos

If every you get a chance to take a workshop or class with Lucy Neatby, run, don’t walk to sign up! Oh my- if I had known how much information I was going to learn I would have begged my dad to let me off work so I could have attended the Saturday class as well. If you can’t find a class, buy the DVDs. Worth it, worth it, worth it!

The minute I walked into the class I knew I was in for a fun time- from her blue, purple (and I think there was green too) hair to her hand-knitted (mismatched) earrings, all the way down to her vivid neon (mismatched) socks and vivid neon (mismatched) Birkenstocks (after she took off her bright, sparkly, mismatched boots) you KNEW you were in the presence of someone who heard all the rules and promptly ignored them. She had samples of her knits around the room and I have never seen such vivid, glorious use of color. And with such FINE stitches (both as in neat and as in tiny!)…wow. I was blown away.

I can’t even begin to go through what we learned- partly because it was a workshop that I paid for and partly because I learned so much. My brain was literally bursting by the time I drove my friend Maaike home afterwards. There was a morning session on edgings and an afternoon session on buttonholes, and we didn’t stop knitting all day. She was extremely hands-on, going around the class one-by-one to make sure we were picking up the techniques, and, when appropriate, playing the matching area of her DVDs on a big screen so we could see some steps in “larger than life”. Wow. All I can say is wow.

(I didn’t realize how small the text came out on the photos, so I’ll recap underneath in case you can’t read it)

Self-Fringing, right-side-only shawl.

Ignore the scraggly ends…sparse fringe in dk weight yarn is not the most attractive thing.

Latvian Twisted Edging- I love it. I need a daughter so I can knit something with this edging…

or for myself. I am so incredibly charmed by this simple twist of knitting. Love it.

You can read this one…knitted-in fringe, plain and with sprinkles (beads).

I love this little swatch! The puntas edging is charming and so easy to knit, the knit-on garter edge is a great technique, and the best part? Look in the middle- that’s garter colorwork. I’ve never done stranded colorwork (Fair Isle) in garter before!

Same swatch showing the back.

Knit-on icord fringe…lots of fun!

And now, on to the buttonholes:

Eyelet buttonhole for 2×2 rib (the eyelet doesn’t break up the ribbing pattern)

The One-Row, Self-Reinforcing Buttonhole. Genius.

The Japanese Vertical Buttonhole. No more cutting yarn!

Scalloped edging or buttonhole…I like this better as a scalloped edging (difficult to see when there is knitting below it as it ruins the scallop).

Basic eyelet buttonhole, with a slight twist to make it look deliberate (and not like a hole being used as a buttonhole).

And last but not least….

The most brilliant thing I learned…worth the price of admission alone…

The Magic Buttonhole. Brilliant.

Can you tell I enjoyed the class?

We’ve got our 2nd-to-last prenatal class tonight so I’m off to learn how to breathe my way through contractions. Hee-hee-hoo…boy. 🙂



I’d hoped to have more photos to show off from yesterday, but sometimes knitting takes longer then you think.

Since I have no time to play catch-up right now, I’ll leave you with a photo of some swatches for a workshop I’m taking on Sunday with Lucy Neatby. Yes, Lucy Neatby. She’ll be in Montreal, and I’ll be one of 25 people in the workshop, held by the Montreal Knitting Guild. I’m rediculously excited.

(Note- the one with the blue squiggles is going to be folded on the center line and I imagine the blue parts will be removed and it will be a kind of buttonhole. I have no idea what the others will be- I was just told knit “this” for pre-homework, so that’s what I did. The pink/blue one is Patons Decor, the other 4 are 3 shades of Sirdar Snuggly DK.)