lazy thursday

I HAVE to share this pic of Henri from last night:

This kid cracks me up with how he sleeps!  From finding him hanging half out of bed, to this…I’m surprised he doesn’t wake up when I walk in and start laughing, then rush out to get the camera!

Today was a lazy day.  Since Jakob is still contagious until 24 hrs on antibiotics, and we won’t know if Henri has strep until tomorrow, they were both home again today (and will be tomorrow too).  Nowhere to go and nothing special to do meant a nice, relaxing lazy day with all of us in our jammies.

I’ve said before that my boys are close, and they really, truly are.  They’re this amazing mix of brothers and best friends, the kind of relationship where they won’t go into their separate classrooms without hugging and kissing goodbye in the hallway first.  Before lunch, while watching a bit of Artzooka, they were like this:

That’s Jakob lying down with his head in Henri’s lap, while his brother absently strokes his hair.  I swoon, I really do.  I know Yannick and I are really affectionate with the kids, constantly hugging and kissing them and telling them all day and randomly how much we love them, and it’s so great to see them not only reciprocating with us (Jakob makes the ladies at the mall or hair salon melt when he comes up out of the blue to say “I love you Mommy”), but also with each other.  With two boys I don’t know if this kind of relationship has an expiry date so I’m try to record or at least witness and remember as much of it as I can.

Both kids were awesome (or sick, depending on how you look at it) and slept all afternoon.  I LOVE a 1-4:30 nap time!  I finished reworking my shawl swatch and got a good chunk of it done.  I finished up the rest of it tonight and now just have a stockinette part to get through so I can move on to the next bit of charting.  Just me, the yarn, and Excel…good times.