my first personalized pennants: cars

my first personalized pennants: cars

STOP! No more boring wall hangings!
Dress up your child’s bedroom or play area with this fun, customizable banner.
You’ve got the green light, now GO, GO, GO!

Purchase options

To purchase the pattern through Etsy click HERE.

To purchase the pattern through Ravelry click the “buy now” button below.

You can also access the pattern’s Ravelry page here.

Pattern notes:
Size: Each car is approx. 8” w x 6” h x 1” d
The stop sign is approx. 3” w x 3” h x 1” d
The traffic light is approx. 1” w x 3” h x 1” d

Yardage Requirements:
Each car requires approx. 75y, each letter requires approx. 12y and the stop sign and stop light each require approx. 15y of yarn.

One ball of each yarn listed is enough to knit the pattern as shown, with 5 cars and the 2 end decorations. There will be some remnants of the blue, green, yellow and orange, very little red left over, and only a few yards of black. Most of the white ball will be left over. Working more or fewer cars will require more or less yarn. You can judge your yardage requirements based on the estimates above.

This project is deliberately knit with smaller needles than normal for this weight of yarn in order to get a tighter gauge so the batting doesn’t show through.

Photo by Maaike Sears

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