Elphie Custom-Fit Camera Case
Elphie Custom-Fit Camera Case

Presenting Elphie- a camera case that will fit any flat camera.  Don’t worry about knitting to a particular gauge- this worksheet will accommodate any yarn and any size needles.  The case has built-in, double-layer protection over your camera’s exposed screen area and a cover that stays on and CAN’T come off, all without any snaps, ties or Velcro.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s seamless?

Mine were designed to fit my Canon Digital Elph camera (back in the pre-Smartphone days LOL)- hence the name.

Get the pattern

The pattern is available for FREE as a blog post here.

For those who would prefer to print/save the pattern, I have prepared it as an easy-to-print PDF with clarifications and details that might not be in the original post. The PDF is available for a very small fee to cover listing fees/etc.

Purchase options

To purchase the pattern through Etsy click HERE.

To purchase the pattern through Ravelry click the “buy now” button below.

You can also access the pattern’s Ravelry page here.

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