Happy New Year!

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*waves*  Hiya guys!

I’ve been gone a while, but this blog has never been far from my mind.  Every project I’ve made has a whole folder of step-by-step pics taken for eventual tutorials and posts I want to make.  Earlier this summer I told myself I’d restart on September 11.  It’s my birthday and this year (as on the year I was born) it coincides with the (Jewish) New Year, and I thought it was a very fitting time.  New year, new(ly 41) me, new projects, even new (to those who don’t follow me on Instagram) hair color!

Of course I didn’t think about how busy the day OF would be.  D’oh.  Yesterday was a holiday and I spent it with family, enjoying their company and staying mostly offline.  So now, a day late, but with a mind full of intent, I’m making this post.  I don’t have pics ready, and I don’t have anything in particular to share today.  It’s just something I didn’t want to put off any longer.  This is my blog, and I’ve got nearly 100 projects I’ve been wanting to share.  This year, I will.

Shana tova.  🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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