cool shades, man


I kept Henri home from swimming this morning…even though he’s on the antibiotics, he’s still got a bit of a cough and more than not wanting to make anyone else sick, I don’t want him to catch anything else.  (Does that make me a bad person?  Maybe…but a good mom).

When Yannick and Jakob got back they picked us up and we went into town for brunch with my family.  My brother just moved in with a friend and some of us weren’t able to make it to his housewarming party, so we all went for brunch at a place near their condo and then got to go take a tour.

I managed to snap these pics of the boys during the car-ride home.  They were getting sleepy and silly, but were cute as always.

Henri, just chillin’.

Jakob, my little ham.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “cool shades, man

  1. Which brother moved?

    Cool shades dudes!


  2. They both look so grown up now! Not a stitch of baby left in them. How does that happen so fast?


  3. So big!
    Uh, where are Jakob’s shoulder straps?
    I can’t believe how much you’ve been posting lately, I’m SO behind! We moved our computer to the basement (“temporarily” LOL) and it’s been too cold down there to spend much time on it 😦


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