cuddle day

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Well I’d been hoping for my Monday (my day off) to get a ton of knitting done, but after another sleepless night we had to bring Henri in to the doctor (the fever and cough are apparently just a virus) then rush and bring him with us to get to our joint eye appointment.  We got home in time to get Henri to bed for his nap, and I don’t get it- at bedtime (1pm) he had 102 F fever.  I gave him tempra, and he slept.  He woke up at 4pm and had 104 F fever!  The poor kid spent all evening just lying lethargic in my arms, glassy-eyed and barely able to move.  😦

It was hard to get anything else done, so I only managed to get a few rows in, but am still on track.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “cuddle day

  1. Feel better soon Henri!


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