still good


Even though I had to go back into work today, I still managed to get my rows done, which means that although I’m not further ahead, I’m still 12 rows ahead of the game.

Our daycare wants the kids’ valentines in this week, to prepare the kids to hand them out next week.  I had lucked out last year and found 2 packs of Valentine’s Day pencils on sale the day after Valentine’s Day, and kept them for this year.  Instead of buying cards I made little papers on the computer, and punched holes at two of the corners.  Yes, I didn’t have the kids sign them.  But I did this after they were in bed, and I honestly don’t think they or their friends will care if they are personally signed.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “still good

  1. This is cute, clever and NOT CANDY! That is very nice.


  2. These are really cute! We missed Vday this nurse but the boys handed in their cards before we left to Florida. They just opened all the cards from their friends tonight. Sean actually wrote or all his cards this year himself.
    He was so proud!


  3. * this year ( not nurse? )

    Damn Auto correct!


  4. RJ and I made our Valentine’s from scratch. I have tons of cardmaking stuff in craft stash, so it was a bit of stashbusting/keep the 3-year-old entertained combination. She really loved it! I think we’ll make them again next year, actually.


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