henri’s 2nd birthday


Ok!  I’m here with time to post, and post I shall!  🙂

When for most people things start to slow down after the holiday rush, for me things were only getting started.  As I mentioned last post, I spent the first week of the year making the food for the party.  Over 100 gingerbread man-shaped cookies were baked on Tues, iced on Wed and had faces hand-drawn on Thurs.

On Friday the 7th I rented a 3D Cruiser cake pan from our local cake supply store and baked the car-shaped cake out of chocolate cake mix, and a 9 x 13 sheet cake out of vanilla cake mix.  I was afraid the car cake pan itself wouldn’t be enough to feed everyone.  It took 1.75 boxes of cake mix, but it’s an odd shape, so I couldn’t guarantee it would be cut in a way that would give enough slices.

Saturday the 8th was the actual big day- Henri’s 2nd birthday!

I can’t believe he’s 2 already!  He’s such a big boy, and I mean that quite literally.  Not only has the word explosion hit full force (over 100 words, 15+ songs and 8-word-+ sentances), but he is also a BIG boy- 3 feet tall and 32 lbs 12 oz…the same weight and maybe an inch shorter than his almost 4-year-old brother!  He’s been 95th percentile for height and 75-90th for weight since he was 3 months old.

Henri is my happy, stubborn, silly little monkey.  He’s his brother’s best friend, and the perfect last piece to complete our family.  Every day he makes me so happy to be his mom, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s turned into a Mommy’s Boy.  🙂  Yannick’s not used to having one of our kids turn to me before him, but hey- at least this way we’ve each “got one” LOL.

Once the kids went to bed Saturday night I got down to business.  It took me about 3-4 hours to make my own buttercream icing, tint the colors I needed, crumb-coat and then decorate the cake.  I’m never happy with the cakes I make while they’re in progress, but so far I’ve been pretty pleased with the final outcome, and while Henri’s still a little young, Jakob has been wowed.  (In fact, 2 days after his last birthday party he told me that his cake was a blue dinosaur, which it was, and then requested a red Lightning McQueen cake for his next birthday…a request he has made approximately 856,355,674,301 times since then).

Sunday morning was Henri’s birthday party with all his friends.  The party was Wiggles-themed, from the invites that had a photo of all the Wiggles characters with Henri’s head superimposed on Henry the Octopus, to the 4 yellow, red, blue and purple-shirted cookie men in the lootbags, all the way down to the cake which you’ll see in a minute.  My favorite touch was a special appearance by the “Wiggles” themselves!  I had to promise no YouTube appearance, but as a little treat for Henri my dad, one of my brothers, my cousin and Yannick dressed up in yellow, blue, red and purple tshirts and did a lip-synch to one of Henri’s favorite Wiggles songs- Fruit Salad.  My brother, who wore the red shirt like Murray, even brought his guitar for some “authenticity”.  🙂  My other brother was supposed to do it, but he went to France and missed the party, so my dad was a very gracious Zaida and stepped in to wear the purple shirt.

I was too busy to pull out my camera, but my friend Avi took some gorgeous photos for us:
Here’s Jakob!
The birthday boy and Daddy.
The cake!

The cake was completed around midnight Saturday night, but just before serving (Sunday, 11:15am) I tucked in the 4 Wiggles cookies that I’d reserved.
The birthday boy and Mommy!

I’ll leave you with my favorite shot from all of Avi’s pictures.  I love everything about it- and every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “henri’s 2nd birthday

  1. Jenn – I am impressed from the very top of my head to the tips of my toes – what a beautiful, magical, well and lovingly executed party for a special (and clearly exceptionally clever) birthday boy ;). He’s a lucky fella, and you obviously feel you’re a lucky momma. Good combination. Massive applause for Yannick and the other men for doing the Wiggles impersonation – I think doing that for your child’s happiness is sexier and more manly than any sporting acheivement ever could be.
    Congratulations, lovely family.


  2. We had a lot of fun at Henri’s party. Avi did a GREAT job photographing it. I need to friend him to come photograph at my parties! Seriously! I like his eye!

    Happy Birthday again Henri!

    (And that Wiggles performance was TO DIE FOR!)


  3. Hands down the coolest birthday cake EVAH. Seriously, will you be MY mommy? 🙂


  4. Wow, what a fantastic party for Henri! I’m sure he loved it. The cake looks fabulous and both boys look so cute!


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