This sweater made a quick appearance on the blog as I was getting ready for Rhinebeck, but not much else has been said about it once it was completed.  Here’s the remedy:


Pattern:  Audrey by Melissa Leapman (from the book Hot Knits) (Ravelry link)

Size:  42″ bust (large)

Yarn:  Madil Iceland 100% wool, color 583 (charcoal), 7 balls

Needles: 5.5 mm & either 6mm or 6.5mm (I forget)

Notions: 7 buttons

Dates:  December 24 2009 – April 12 2010


Modifications:  I changed the button band to have 7 buttons instead of 5, ‘cus with my bust 5 just wouldn’t cut it when closed.  After blocking the sleeves grew, so I cut off about 5″ and reknit the cuffs.  Finally, I found the buttonholes gaped too much and didn’t hold so I wove some clear elastic thread around the holes and knotted it tight, now they hold great and are nearly impossible to find, even when open.

I wore this sweater the whole time at Rhinebeck, and even with my purse on my shoulder it never pilled.  I caught it on some velcro once but even that didn’t leave a bad effect.  I would probably knit this one again, next time adding an inch or two in length and maybe a little more waist shaping.


I need to get someone to photograph ME instead of these lousy self-portraits! These photos were taken back in April, before the 2 surgeries (and resulting 30 lb weight loss). I’ll see if I can get Yannick to snap a few for me.

Am still working on the first dog sweater, and have about 8 rows and then some ribbing to be finished the first one.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “2010-12-11

  1. Nice! Let me know if you want me to take pics for you, I really don’t mind. That sweater is gorgeous, your photos don’t do it justice!


  2. Great sweater! And CONGRATS on losing 30 lbs! (I guess there has been an “up” side to not being able to taste food properly).


  3. The biggest up side! Lol


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