I’m getting so close to the end of these buckets, I can taste it! One more to go and then all my stash (except the “in progress” stuff, and my Rhinebeck purchases) will be in Ravelry. Whew!

It was a very busy weekend…I don’t have photos but Saturday morning we had a playdate with baby G while Maaike was at the Anne Hanson workshop, then we had a lunchtime playdate with my friend J and his daughter B. I got the boys home in time for their nap and spent the “free” time getting ready for that night…’cus if the day wasn’t busy enough, I had AWESOME dinner plans!

Saturday night the Montreal Knitting Guild exec hosted a potluck dinner for Anne Hanson. You can see photos on her blog from the weekend workshop and then the dinner. (You don’t actually see my face, but that’s my black shirt and blue jeans behind the cheese platter, and there’s also a photo of Maaike spinning behind Lisa, holding the dog).  I brought pitas, falafel, hummus, tzatziki, tahini, lettuce, onions and pickled turnips (that there’s actually a photo of on her blog LOL), and a really yummy cabbage salad.  If you imagine that each of us brought 1-2 dishes…there was a LOT of food!  It was a wonderful night of eating, knitting, chatting, eating, dog petting, stash admiring, and more eating. 

Sunday I attended the all-day workshop, taught by Anne, on Sweater Fitness…how to choose the proper size for your measurements (and NOT how to get your sweater to work out à la Olivia Newton John…TARA!)  LOL  It was a great workshop, especially the detail and time that Anne took in going around to give everyone personal help. 

I spent today entering all my sock yarn into Ravelry, and will spend tonight working duplicate stitch, duplicate stitch, and then more duplicate stitch.  🙂

Oh- good news!  I just found out that 2 of my patterns are listed with Patternfish, and they even Tweeted/Facebooked my Screwball Socks pattern!  Slowly making my way out there…

Sorry this post has no photos, so here’s a shot of Henri the other day, looking fly in my sunglasses.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “2010-11-29

  1. Hah! I would TOTALLY have broken out the ONJ if I’d been giving the workshop. LOL!


  2. What a cool lookin’ little dude!


  3. Congrats on the Patternfish tweets, etc.


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