I decided to take a weekend break from knitting and do something I should have done a long time ago- finish organizing my stash and get it all into Ravelry.  Most of my yarn was sorted into buckets in my office, but when I had my surgery and couldn’t lift over 10 lbs, every time I wanted to knit something or check something I had to get Yannick to move the buckets for me, and yarn that got taken out never got put back in, and new yarn never got added into the mix.  Projects that were half started were dumped in bags with their yarn, and left overs from finished projects got tossed into other bags.  This resulted in a big pile of plastic bags of yarn in my office, spilling over into every available open area.

I took photos of my stash- it’s a little embarassing, actually.  I always forget how much there is.  I’m hoping that getting everything organized will save me in the long run.  I’d like to be able to know if I have yarn on hand for a project instead of buying needlessly.

I moved the buckets around so I could see exactly what was what.

Ignore the state of the rest of my office…”organizing” it has been on my list of things to do ever since it was built.

This is really starting to look like a lot of yarn…I’m wondering if I should even show the last photo?

Ok, this is IT, I swear.  The only yarn not showing in these photos is yarn that is in project bags and already started.  I’ll add those last- those are in a folding hamper-thingie in our den.

I should say- before this looks overboard- is that a lot of this yarn was from my grandmother’s stash, or handed down to me, etc.  It’s not really as bad as it looks.  Plus, as of this writing, I have added 3 of the buckets’ contents into Ravelry, and two of them have been 100% acrylic (2 buckets’ worth, that is).  To me every yarn type has its place, even acrylic, polyester and the like.

Update: I’ve added the contents of “Kits”, “100% Acrylic – Bulky” and “100% Acrylic – Worsted” to Ravelry.  3 down…11 to go…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “2010-11-21

  1. Dude, you put your ENTIRE stash on Ravelry??? Wow. Just wow.


  2. I agree with Tara’s comment! LOL. Though, I’m slowly working to see what in my stash isn’t on Rav either – only because I swear, I don’t know what I have anymore, LOL.

    I guess I shouldn’t flash my stash either then… it’s probably more than yours, and I’d have a heart attack – LOL


  3. Good for you! I have most of my stash on Ravelry, which I find really nice for organizing and seeing the “big picture” when it comes to what you have. I do need to update, but I think I will do that over Christmas if the baby hasn’t arrived yet. I wish I could do the same type of thing with my fabric, actually. I agree that acrylic has it’s place as well, although I did donate a bunch that I figured I would never use. I assume this means that you are finally mostly recuperated? I hope?


  4. Wow! Nice stash there Jenn 🙂 Good for you finally organizing! I have mine in buckets too, but I need to organize it better! Plus i need to add labels to the front so I know which bin is what, insteaf of having to always open every single one when I need something lol.


  5. Are those the 83L Rubbermaid High Top boxes? I have 7 of them filled, plus a 24 cone yarn tree, plus two 6-cubby bookcases…and still more yarn (mostly cones) that don’t fit. Projects in work/on hiatus are in another large drawer…you can see my stash on my blog, in June 2010 “Sneek Peak” I think the post is called. I can’t imagine organizing it onto Ravelry! Good for you!!


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