august to september 2009


Mommy with Henri at 31 weeks old.

I can’t get over this photo of Jakob.  Just Mr. Joe Cool, hanging out with his Mr. Potato Head cowboy hat.  I think this is a preview of what he’ll look like at 17.

Here’s Henri modeling the new chair I got for my office.

Mommy with Henri at 32 weeks…

…and 33 weeks old.  Ignore my sweaty skin and red cheeks, I think I’d just gotten back from the gym.

At the end of August I decided to give Jakob a rare treat and keep him up past his bedtime in order to bring him to the Shriner’s Circus.  He was as good as gold, stayed awake the whole time (even though I’d brought him in his pjs in case he fell asleep) and got to try his first popcorn and cotton candy (my first night as a pushover).  I think the highlight of his night was waiting for the show to start, because I took him on an elephant ride.  I didn’t think he’d cared much for it since he was really quiet and taking it all in, but when the elephants came back out to allow for more rides during intermission OH MY GOD- he THREW his sippy cup to the ground, JUMPED up and yelled “I RIDE THE ELEPHANT MOMMY!  MORE RIDE ELEPHANT!” 

Mommy with Henri at 34 weeks old.

I couldn’t resist snapping this photo.  Nothing was staged, I just happened to come across Sam sitting there, and the composition was just too perfect to pass up.

This was a peaceful Jakob one morning with his Cheerios and his Barney.  But later that night I went to check on him before I went to bed and found this:

The next morning I asked him why Barney had socks in his mouth.  The answer (translated from 2.5-year-old speech): so he’d be quiet so I could go to sleep.

Mommy with Henri at 35 weeks old (and Jakob too).

I was wrong.  THIS is what Jakob will look like at 17!  (Uh…minus the dolphin…I’d assume).

Mommy with Henri at 36 weeks old.  In this photo you can see some of the Strep A bacterial superinfection that had spread across his feet, hands and face.  This was taken about 3 days before we figured out what was wrong with him, so this doesn’t show it as bad as it actually got.

and finally, Mommy with Henri at 37 weeks old.

This covers the backdated stuff (except the monthly chair photos) until the end of September 2009.  I’m slowly working my way through the photos, both for knitting stuff and family photos, so I will keep at it until everything is caught up to date.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “august to september 2009

  1. They’re getting so big too quickly!

    We also went to the circus & had a fun time!


  2. Hey, you look good in the pictures! You can see it in your face that the gym is doing you good!! Wow, can’t believe how fast they grow eh! 🙂 although seeing them in person is a lot better!!!

    HaAahha kids say the darnest things eh? [love the sock in the mouth explanation!] Did you ask what Barney was saying, to keep him up?

    Was Sam and the truck stopped at a red light lol?!


  3. Wow, it’s like cute overload! Jakob looks so grown up in those photos (except for all the stuffed animals, of course 😉 I am firm believer that Barney should be silenced, so I’m with him on that. Henri is growing so fast! I hope all his health problems have been put behind by now.


  4. Jakob is getting to be a seriously good lookin’ little dude! The hearts he will break! The middle of the night phone calls from the love struck! Get ready, Jenn! LOL Henry too is adorable. He looks so happy and jolly!
    You must be so proud.


  5. Cuteness galore at your house!
    If you want to have some fun, use Photoshop or Paint and take your hair, and put it on your kids. LOL. It can actually be a little scary too! LOL!


  6. Aw, thanks for the photo update!!!! Your boys are pretty cute 🙂


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