more of the same


This weekend went by faster than I would have liked.  I worked on Saturday as usual then spent the night having dinner at my sister-in-law’s house.  Jakob was wonderful and went to bed in a pack ‘n play, stayed asleep for the transfer into the car and then the whole car ride, and through the transfer into the house and into bed when we got home.  He stayed asleep until 6am the next morning.  I was so relieved because my in-laws were sleeping in the next room and I’m always afraid he’ll pick a night when they’re over to wake up at 3am screaming.

My mother-in-law and I took Jakob to his swimming class Sunday morning so Yannick and his dad could get started on the office downstairs.  Things never move as fast as I would like when it comes to construction, but by the time they left Sunday night we had enough accomplished to make me feel like things might start to come together before too long.  I did some knitting while watching TV that night, and then again on Monday while sitting at a local coffee shop for 2 hours.

Oh- get this.  I brought my car in to have a wheel alignment done.  After 2 hours of me sitting at the cafe next door (ok, Tim’s, but still it was better than sitting in the garage itself) I finally call them to see when my car will be ready after the supposed 1hr wheel alignment.  “Oh Madame,” the guy says, “I was going to call you, you need suspension work, etc, etc, I just finished your estimate now.”  So basically they did nothing on my car and want to charge me nearly $600 to do what they claim needs to be done first.  And if that weren’t enough, when I got back there to get my car, my driver’s side window was wide open!  Parked in the parking lot!  Anyone walking by could have reached in, opened my door and taken whatever they’d liked.  It could have rained.  Hell, it’s Winter in Montreal- it could have snowed.  And my window was so wide open at first I thought they’d removed the glass.  Boy did that guy get a piece of my mind!

The end result was that nothing was done on my car, but at least I didn’t have to pay for anything.  And after 2 hours of listening to my iPod and knitting, I managed to come home and finish off the last bits of what will now be Vanda’s blue Flower Scarf.


Pattern:  Flower Scarf by Robyn Diliberto (Ravelry link and direct link)

Size:  one size. 


Yarn:  Dream in Color Smooshy, in the colorway Nightwatch.  I didn’t check yet but I’m assuming it took the same 150 yards as the pink one.

Needles: 3.75mm needle and crochet hook


Dates:  November 23 – December 1 2008

Modifications:  None!  I used the garter variation from the pattern itself, and did everything else as written.


As usual you can find my finished (and unfinished!) projects in my “projects” page by clicking the tab up at the top of every page on my blog, and I also have this project in my Ravelry notebook here.


Here are the completed pink and blue neckwarmers.  I didn’t block the blue one, since I found the pink one ended up thinner and more drapey after being blocked, and I prefer the squishy (smooshy, hehe) texture of the unblocked version.  I’ll probably wet it and let it dry flat to get rid of the ruffled edges, but I’m not going to pin it out and actually “block it” like I did the pink one.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Jakob from a few days ago.  We were playing in bed before leaving for daycare and for the first time ever instead of just wanted to “read” his book, he wanted to sit tucked in bed to read.  He climbed in front of my pillow himself and pulled back the blankets to tuck his legs under.  It was so cute!


Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “more of the same

  1. Wow, you guys are really doing some major work on the new house! I don’t know how you do it. We haven’t even been able to make progress on small projects with RJ around.

    The scarves look great!

    Sorry to hear about your car. I really hate dealing with that kind of stuff. It is so time-consuming.


  2. Those scarves look great. Jakob, as always, is adorable!


  3. I just ordered some of that exact colourway of DIC for some last minute hat knitting!


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