another baby knit



Pattern:  Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann (Ravelry project page), from The Opinionated Knitter book.

Size:  Whatever size you get when you use fingering weight yarn. 6 months?

Yarn:  Regia Sierra Color sock yarn in color 5548 (blues and greens).  I really liked the way this yarn striped and Yannick and I agreed it would be equally cute for a girl or a boy.

Needles: 4 US / 3.5mm

Dates:  September 1 – 5 2008


Modifications:  I had originally added a collar, as the photo above shows.  Unfortunately Yannick found that the collar made the sweater a little too masculine (in case the baby is a girl) and he wasn’t crazy about it.  I had deliberately not sewn in the ends yet, so it was a simple thing for me to undo the last bound-off stitch and unravel the whole collar to remove it.


Notes:  As with the Pea Pod Baby Set, I am calling this project “done” even though there are no buttons on it.  We’re waiting to know the sex of the baby before choosing buttons, so this is a done as it is going to be for at least 10 more weeks.

As usual you can find this and all my other projects under the “projects” tab above, and my Baby Surprise Jacket page here on Ravelry.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “another baby knit

  1. Looks great!
    I used Sport weight for Mack’s baby surprise. He was a preemie sized baby at birth, and he outgrew it around 2 months old. There is no way that Sport weight even got a 6 month size, so make sure you use your BSJ right away after your baby’s birth – or he or she may not fit into it!

    I actually brought the BSJ to the hospital with me, and he wore it there/home! (In June!)


  2. I really like your blue/green version. Just be warned that if the baby is a girl anything not pink will cause people to guess that she is a boy. This happened to us all the time, even if the outfits had bows or ruffles. It’s no big deal, we just corrected them. Now that RJ is older her long curly hair seems to tip people off.


  3. I just love that Baby Surprise Jacket! I’ve got to make one for the next baby in the family – whenever that will be… The Pea Pod is soooo sweet, too. What a lucky baby to have such a talented mommy!


  4. I still can’t BELIEVE that you don’t know the sex of the baby. Nice jacket, I’m sure Junior will look adorable in it.


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