fo report: pea pod baby set


It took some gentle reminding (thanks Tara!) to clue me in to the fact that while I had finished some knits for the new baby, I hadn’t actually shown said knits.  Here’s the first one up:


Pattern:  Pea Pod Baby Set by Kate Gilbert (Ravelry project page), available as a free download from Interweave Knits’ website

Size:  I knit the 3 month size knowing it would come out larger because of my yarn choice.

Yarn:  Bernat Natural Blends Soy in # 15005 – Rice.  I chose a neutral color because a) I like it, and b) we don’t know the sex of the baby yet.

Needles: 3.75mm

Dates:  July 12 – 16 2008

Modifications:  None.

Notes:  Holy cow this was a fast knit!  And really, really cute.  I would definitely knit this again.  Also, I’m considering this project completed even though there are no buttons yet.  I had chosen some really cute acorn buttons at my LYS but Yannick isn’t 100% sold on them, so we’ll be waiting until after the baby is born, I think.

As usual you can find my finished (and unfinished!) projects in my “projects” page by clicking the tab up at the top of every page on my blog, and I also have this project in my Ravelry notebook here.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

8 thoughts on “fo report: pea pod baby set

  1. Very cute! I think I want to knit this!


  2. I love it! Your version is beautiful. I also really want to knit this, but I definitely need to make more time to knit. I keep adding you projects to my queue. 😉


  3. Yay! Another baby knit!


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