yet more stash…


Does it count as “stash” if it is purchased specifically for a gift project?

I bought 6 balls of this teal-colored Sisu to knit a cardigan for my friends’ daughter Kayla.  Just like my cousin, I’d promised each of my close friends that I would make something for their babies.  My usual plan was to have the gifts ready for the baby showers but Kayla’s parents wanted to wait until they knew the sex of the baby in order to choose a project, and although she was born last December, they only picked a project about 2 months ago.

Out of all the projects I have ever knit, this one is definitely going to stand out as being unique!  I found out only after ordering the pattern booklet that the pattern is only available in Norwegian!  I did a search online and found some websites that help translate knitting terms, and a very nice woman in one of my online knitting groups offered to help me translate anything I got stuck on.  So…in the upcoming month(s) I will be knitting my first Norwegian pattern and Kayla will finally get her “birth”day gift.  (Then I only have Mack’s dinosaur, Valerie’s project, my in-laws’ Christmas socks, my sister-in-law’s Christmas mittens…plus I want to knit Oblique for me before the baby is born, oh yeah, and a new project I’ve been working on for my dad’s store that has a November deadline…how much time is left, again?)

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “yet more stash…

  1. No, it definitely does NOT count as stash. Um… what about something for YOUR baby?


  2. Definitely not stash! I love Oblique. If only we got some actual cold weather here I would knit one for myself (today will be in the 90s!). Good luck with the Norwegian pattern. I have trouble with patterns in English, so I give you mad props!


  3. What yarn do you plan on knitting Oblique in?

    Isn’t Sisu sock yarn? I think I have 2 balls in my stash in red.


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