yet more dishcloths


On Tuesday night I finished the green & white dishcloth.
You can see there is 1 tiny mistake where I forgot to slip the white stitch and accidentally knit it- but I like leaving a mistake in every project (except commissioned ones), so I’m not going to fix it.
The back is pretty, in its own way. I wouldn’t knit a sweater like this…but it’s not horrible.

The same night I cast on for a pink & white one.
I finished it tonight at the West Island Knits meetup.
I couldn’t get any knitting done last night because we had my mom’s retirement dinner. It was a lovely night with good food and some really great speeches, but I was zonked by the time I got home, and after chatting with my friend Debbie (who had babysat for us) I just crashed and went right to bed.

I’m going to do one more in orange and white (so they all can clash, lol) then will move on to some other parts of this gift package. Then, if I have time before the party, I will do a few more of these in other colors.
I have a CRAZY story to share, but it is a long post and I’m wiped, so I will head off to bed, and leave you in suspense until tomorrow…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “yet more dishcloths

  1. Nice dishcloths! I like the look of them all together like that. It’ll be interesting to see what else you have planned for this gift basket.


  2. They look great! I’ve even used variegated yarn with this pattern and it works, so feel free to experiment.


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