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  1. Hi Jennifer! I made my way here from Dianne’s post today and so glad I did. What a fun and creative idea for a contest. What adorable bunnies and cupcakes and especially the baby! I’ve enjoyed reading through some of your previous posts. Anyway, here goes –

    Pride – Lace patterns, even simple ones, are my downfall. I start getting full of myself when I get through a few rows without a mistake. When I start congratulating myself too much, guess what happens. Pride goes before a frog.

    Envy – I envy the knitters who find enough time to crank out several beautifully handknit FO’s every few days. It’s double envy, both for their skill and for the amount of free time they have each day to do that much knitting.

    Gluttony – I can’t stop myself from buying any yarn I see that appeals to me because it’s a luscious color, or wonderfully pettable. I almost never have a specific project in mind, just feel like I need to have the yarn NOW in case I can never find it again. I bring it home and then have to stuff it into one of my overflowing bins in the overflowing closet.

    Lust – In my case, this usually goes along with the yarn gluttony – I see yarn, I squeeze the yarn, I start lusting after the yarn, I buy the yarn. So efficient – 2 deadly sins in one!

    Anger – Knitting usually keeps me calm and happy, even when I have to frog. But I just lose it when I’m knitting with a yarn that has loose tendrils that catch and knot so that you can’t frog back and end up having to cut it out. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

    Greed – I laughed at your answer because I am obsessed with collecting patterns. More, more, more. I can’t get enough. I’m probably already at my limit of how many patterns I can put into the queue or favorite in Ravelry!

    Sloth – This would be the housework that I avoid like the plague in order to squeeze in more knitting time.

    Congratulations on your 777+ post and may you have many more!


  2. Also, I will post your contest to my blog tonight.


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