the one that should have been posted on sunday march 16


Sunday seemed to be off to a good start. We thought Jakob was feeling better, so we braved bringing him out. We deliberately skipped his swimming lesson in the morning (that would be the LAST place we’d need him to have a tummy problem!) but things were looking good, so we took him to the Purim carnival at my parents’ synagogue. (Purim is like the Jewish Hallowe’en, and they do a mini carnival for kids, with games, prizes, etc…).

I waited until we got there to put him in his costume, and was very happy to know that it still fit him. It’s actually still a little loose, but he’s very slim, so I am relieved to know that my estimate of it being a 9-12 month size was accurate.
Here’s Jakob and I with Chicken Little. You’ll be happy to know that no sky was falling. 🙂

We left the synagogue in time to get to another Purim carnival at the Jewish Y, but planned on stopping at a nearby shopping center first. Yannick and I would have lunch, we’d feed Jakob, and before leaving there I wanted to show him the animals they had on display for Easter.

Well. Luckily I had changed him out of his costume before putting him into his carseat. I had intended on only bringing Jakob and the stroller into the mall, leaving the carseat itself (the bucket part) in the car. Except…when I moved to take him out of it…I saw that he’d had another tummy incident. This gastro sucks.

I’d been prepared for such an event, and had lined his carseat with thin blankets. I had to bring the whole bucket into the bathroom, but it wasn’t too difficult to clean him up, and once the dirty clothes and blankets were safely in a sealed Ziplock, at least his bucket was clean and dry and he was able to go back into it. Needless to say we decided against going to the 2nd Purin carnival. At his age it wasn’t even worth the risk to the costume, as all of the events were geared towards older kids.

In the end I fed Jakob some lunch while Yannick shopped for more funky t-shirts at Winners, and then we introduced Jakob to some furry little friends.

Bunnies! I see a theme developing here.

Should I mention that I’m currently designing a bunny? It’s nothing like Kate’s or the Swatch Bunny or any other bunny I’ve seen, but yes, it is a bunny. These things do multiply fast!

Jakob had a good bath when we got home, and he looked so cute in his little bathrobe that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. He went to bed without too much fuss, and I made a note to call his doctor in the morning, as he was still having the gastro symptoms and I needed to know if he would be able to go to playgroup the next day, or if he was considered contagious.

More soon!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “the one that should have been posted on sunday march 16

  1. He is soooo cute in the Superman costume! Hope he’s feeling better.


  2. Did he get taller recently? He looks taller/leaner (not that he looked chunky (like my little guy) before) – just looks lean.
    Love the bathrobe pic, and good for you for being prepared and calme about the bucket incident. That’s presence of mind. and intestinal fortitude, frankly 🙂


  3. Aw, poor sweetie! He still looks adorable in that costume!


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