…a little bit of that…


Hey, look- it’s a vest!
I finished it just in time. All the knitting was actually finished on Thursday night, but I was too tired to stay up and weave in all the ends. I had some time to kill in St-Laurent on Friday morning before meeting Debbie for lunch, so I parked Jakob’s stroller at a cafe and wove in all the ends there (ignoring the strange looks from passers-by). I think it is so cute! I keep calling it his Oxford vest…I can just picture him strolling along a college campus somewhere…you know, all 26 inches of him. With his thesis notes and a well-worn leather knapsack. Yes, I am overtired, how did you know?
The vest was knit in one piece up to the armpits (I think I said that in my last post). It was a really, really fast knit.
I had a bit of trouble with the V-neck in trying to get that nice, straight line down the center of the V. I think it worked in the end, although you can’t tell, but the ribbing on either side of it is a bit wonky.

I will be publishing the pattern as soon as I can get around to calculating a few other sizes and typing it up.

I know, I know, I forgot the most important part. How does Jakob LOOK in his vest?

Adorable, if I do say so myself. I had made it a bit big on purpose to get wear out of it during the winter. Ignore the striped socks, I changed him quickly before leaving just to make sure everything fit. The photos at the Bar Mitzvah itself weren’t clear enough to show off the vest properly.

While I did mention the Bar Mitzvah before, I hadn’t mentioned that it was in Toronto. So Jakob took his very first road-trip to Toronto this weekend. We left bright and early around 8am on Saturday and made it to one of my friend’s places around 3:30. We did have to stop twice though, once to feed Jakob and once to feed all 3 of us. Here’s a cute photo of Yannick and Jakob in a Harvey’s restaurant in Port Hope, Ontario.
Jakob is sporting his lovely pirate pyjamas and the Moss Block Cardigan I’d made.

It was a fun weekend, but a long drive to do in a car with a baby who wants. out. of. his. carseat. NOW. He did sleep most of the trip(s) but when he was awake…whoo boy. As a treat I’m not taking him ANYWHERE today so he doesn’t have to get strapped in for a change. As a treat for me, I’m going to do nothing but veg and maybe knit.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “…a little bit of that…

  1. Super cute vest. What size is Jakob fitting into now? What size did you make it?


  2. He looks like a little man in that vest! So sweet!


  3. That vest really is adorable. And I hear ya about the car trip! 🙂 Long rides can be difficult. Be sure to get a portable DVD player when he’s older! They’re the best.


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