can i go to bed yet?


It’s been a long day and I’m so tired! I only went to bed at 2am last night and was up to feed Jakob at 7am. I napped a little until his 10am feed but only for about a half hour, and once I finished the feed we left for the day and didn’t get home until after 6pm! This morning we went to the LaSenza outlet so I could pick up some stuff. They are liquidating all of their off-season merch, and the prices were just crazy! (For my American readers, LaSenza is kinda like Victoria’s Secret, which we don’t have in Canada). There was a full room of bras in every size and color, all for $5 each…but I can’t wear those padded, push-upy things while breastfeeding and I don’t know what size I’ll be after…so it just isn’t worth saving the money to buy something I might not end up able to wear. Another room had bin after bin of really cute panties all for $1 each, so I stocked up there. I almost wrote “underwear” instead of “panties”. I don’t know why that word seems almost naughty somehow. I’d love to see the look on the guy’s face who accidentally finds this blog now after Googling some of those words! Hahaha

Before we left I got some photos of Jakob in his new hat. I’m not super crazy about how it looks on him, but I do think it’s cute.
It’s kinda like a helmet. I can’t decide if its too big or too small…or just right. I’m not reknitting it, so he’ll just have to wear it and look cute in it as it is! For new readers- the details and link to the free pattern are in yesterday’s post.
After the shopping we went to our playgroup, then for groceries before heading home. He could NOT stop pulling at his ear today, and yelling at me. Not fussing, not crying, just yelling over and over while chewing his fingers and tugging at his ear. The poor boy…he’s upset all day and instead of his father getting home to play with him, he tries to give him a bottle…which gets him into a huge upset for over an hour. It’s so hard for him and so frustrating for Yannick.

Luckily we’re seeing the doctor tomorrow morning for his 4 month vaccines and I will have him check to make sure there is no ear infection, and I will also ask what he thinks about the bottle refusal. Maybe we’re trying to give him too much at once, and should wait until the teething stops. Maybe we’re doing the right thing and should keep pushing. I don’t know…Yannick is very upset that when he gets home after work he has to make Jakob all sad, instead of getting to play with him, so we will start trying to give him the bottle feed first thing in the morning instead of in the evening. Maybe when he’s half asleep he’ll be hungry and take it without realizing, and then when Yannick gets home they can play together and bond instead of getting frustrated.

This kid thing is tough! :}

Here’s a photo of Mommy and Jakob at 18 weeks. Man my teeth are yellow, which is strange ‘cus I quit smoking 5 years ago and I drink very little tea or coffee. I’ve GOT to find a whitening system safe for during breastfeeding, LOL.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “can i go to bed yet?

  1. The hat is adorable. What yarn did you use?

    Regarding the bottle feeding bonanza, I’d try either changing nipples or giving him a bottle yourself rather than having your husband do it. It may be, as you say, too many changes at once. But be careful! Within 2 or 3 days of my giving my daughter bottles (at around 5 and a half months), she started to refuse the breast, and I had to wean her.


  2. Cute hat! I have no good advice about the bottle issue, but it does sound like a difficult problem. Ack, parenting seems so hard! I’m sure you will find a good solution, though.


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