can someone pay me to knit all day?


I keep having so many design ideas but have no time to do anything about them! I keep filling pages in my notebook with knitting plans…and ask me if I’ve ever knit anything of my own design. Well, ok, I have knit a few things, but I haven’t really pushed to publish anything. I think that will be my goal for the new year (and by new year, I’m saying “starting in September, at Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year”)-to try and make something from my knitting, if not money then at least recognition.

I don’t think I would charge for my camera case design, I think I’d rather offer it for free. So far I have 2 free patterns available in my sidebar, the Knitting Game and the Bowling Socks, only one of those (the Game) that was of my design. The Knitting Game was in the 2006 Pattern-a-Day calendar and I have a new (never before seen, even on this blog) pattern being published in Stitch ‘n Bitch’s 2008 Pattern-a-Day calendar.

I think I’m going to try to expand and see what happens. I’ll try to offer up a few more free patterns, like the Sweetheart Mittens I designed a few years ago. I’m also thinking of submitting a few things to Knitty.

The only real thing holding me back, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, is the sizing issue. I feel confident to say that I can design anything and make it fit me. Where I have a problem is making sure it will fit you. I know that it is not a simple case of applying the same changes to all measurements (like adding 20 or whatever). I will have to take into account stuff like the fact that arm lengths won’t change that much, but shoulder-to-hip lengths might change more when going up in sizes. Or whatever. I’m scared to try and work out the math without actually knitting a sample in every size and having someone of each size try it on. I know that real designers don’t do it that way. I just need to learn how they DO do it. Is it all just using software, then designing in the details? I know there is design software out there…and that there are just as many flaky ones as there are good ones (or maybe more sucky ones).

I don’t know. I have to work on this. I think I’ll start by making up a few designs for me…I can always offer the patterns in my size only. πŸ™‚

This morning I took Jakob for a walk in his stroller. It was really hot out and the sun was very strong, so I got to play the “I Get to Embarass You While You’re Young” mommy card and have Jakob in his safari hat and sunglasses. I was going to walk him over to a nearby government building to sign him up for a Social Insurance Number card, but we stopped at Maaike’s house first to pick up the sock needle holders that she’d received for us (we’d placed a joint order) and to borrow her Heart to Heart sling. I have a Snugli for Jakob but want to see if he might prefer the sling instead. It was so hot out that I gave up on the rest of our walk and came home to relish in our air conditioning. I am SO not a summer person! Give me a cool, breezy, rainy Fall any day!

After Jakob’s first afternoon nap he woke up in such a good mood I decided to try working on his sitting. He’s not tall enough to see over the bars but he was able to lean quite well without slumping over. He is really good at leaning backwards to sit against something so I thought I’d give this a try. It’s probably not a skill he needs but I thought it would make a cute photo. I love the little feet sticking through the bars!

Finally I brought Jakob to my parents’ house so they could babysit while Yannick and I went to see Stardust, for real this time (unlike Friday’s cancelled date). Jakob was so tired by the time we got there that I was able to swaddle him and put him on his Elmo sofa/bed. This thing is so cute, it folds up into a couch and folds down like this for the bed.

Yannick enjoyed the movie, it is very much like The Princess Bride in spirit but with better special effects. I didn’t get any knitting done but I did finish typing up my camera case pattern! I’m really happy with how it came out and I am just working through it once myself before having it test knit. I’m glad I decided to work it myself first because there are some things that worked in my head that didn’t translate too well onto paper. By following the pattern step by step I can find things I forgot to elaborate on because I’d assumed it would be done, and make any changes I need. Then I’ll edit the pattern and sent it out, and if it works well I’ll offer it up here.

It should be cool…it’s a camera case pattern worksheet, which means you can use any yarn and any size needles you want. You can use it for any size flat camera and it even has built-in double layer protection around the exposed screen area. Plus a cover that stays on and CAN’T come off, all without any snaps, ties or velcro. Oh, and did I mention that it’s seamless?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “can someone pay me to knit all day?

  1. So… how did the sling work out? Did Jakob like it? Did you like it? We need – no, demand – pictures!


  2. Jakob looks awesome in his hat and sunglasses! I admire your desire for pattern design. At the moment, I would much rather just knit other people’s patterns. πŸ˜‰ Creating my own sounds like work! I thought there were some books that tell you how to size up and down, but I don’t know which ones.


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