i’m so dumb

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They tell you that when you get pregnant you get stupid. It is SO true. I had never been more dumb in my life than when I was pregnant…and the smarts- they don’t come back once you deliver.

Most of the time it still takes me 3 tries to get out a complicated thought and the simplest little things become great big concepts. I don’t think the light of day has shone on my brain in a while.

Case in point:

My temporary office in our new house is a big (12″x15″) room. It is actually the spare bedroom, but I felt it was a waste to have this whole big room with just a bed and dresser, and only used the odd time someone sleeps over, so at the back of the room is my filing cabinet, computer desk, and bookshelf. Ah…I’ll go take a photo. Hold on.

So here is the view when you open the door and walk in…

…and there’s my desk at the back. It’s not a HUGE room, but it is big enough that when I’d have garbage at my desk it was too much of a pain to keep getting up and throwing it out in the garbage can which was aaallll the way over on the other side of the room, between the dresser and rocking chair.

I swear, for the last 3 weeks I have been getting a grocery bag from the kitchen to keep ON my desk for used Kleenex, papers, whatever garbage I have. Then when we collect for garbage day, the garbage can is empty but we’ll grab my little garbage bag.

You want to know what never occurred to me until this very morning? To move the freaking garbage can to under my desk.

I’m going to go sit down for a while. All this thinking hurt my brain.

Before I go, here’s a FO to report. I designed and knit a case for my new camera. I know this isn’t the best photo, but it is deliberate. I’m working on converting the pattern to be a pattern generator so anyone can use it for any size camera, with any gauge. Once I write it out I will have it test-knit, then probably offer it with my free patterns in the sidebar.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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