Happy Birthday Laura!


I can’t believe it. Today my baby sister, the youngest of us 4 kids, is 20 years old. We are 10 years apart…which means I’m going to be…30 next month. Man.

When did she get to grow up? Why isn’t she still playing with dolls and letting me stick colored dot stickers all over our faces and letting me put garish makeup on her and dress her up?

Happy Birthday Laura!

Jakob had a rough night last night. He went from 9:30pm to 8:00am without eating, but he woke up at least 5 times through the night. Each time he’d be folded in half almost flipping onto his stomach again. I’m guessing that he is getting bigger and the dose of Zantac we give him for acid-reflux isn’t strong enough for his current weight. I left a message for his doctor to find out if we can raise the dosage. I’m pretty sure that it’s his poor tummy hurting that keeps waking him up.

I took him to the movies again today, we went just the two of us and saw The Simpsons. It was a great movie! I like the cartoon, so I really enjoyed the movie. Lots of inside jokes and bits of sly humor (although the one part I can’t stop repeating was shown in the commercials…”Spider-pig… Spider-pig… does whatever a Spider-pig does…” He slept through the beginning of the movie and I had a chance to knit up a swatch I needed to have done. My LYS was clearing out some yarns and had a heavy cotton/acrylic blend on sale for about $2 CAD/ball so I bought them to make a sweater. The LYS owner told me she’d use her computer program to design me a pattern and I needed to have the swatch done for that.

After the movie I brought Jakob to the LYS and had the pattern made. There wasn’t enough white for a whole sweater so I bought some navy too and will have to get creative with the color.

Later I brought Jakob home and fed him, then changed him to bring over to my parents’ house for my sister’s non-surprise surprise party (her friend leaked the news but Laura pretended not to know, and didn’t know that we knew she knew).

Like his tank?
Can you read it? It says “Dad thinks he’s in charge”. 🙂

We had a great barbeque over at my parents’ house and Laura had a blast showing Jakob off to her friends. It was weird seeing my sister and her friends hanging out, surrounded by cigarettes (not hers) and beers (also not hers). My mom had provided wine coolers and sangria, and they thought it was quaint. Instead they drank down their beers. I watched them all horse around and can’t help but remember hanging out with my friends at that age. You feel like you have no cares and your whole life ahead of you…and now I’m almost years older and feel like I have a lifetime behind me.

Ok, enough melodrama. I just put Jakob to bed and will go knit while Yannick reads the next chapter of Harry Potter #7 to me. (Yes, we read out loud to each other when we want to share the same book, we’ve been doing it since we started dating, although I usually end up reading since Yannick’s reading out loud isn’t the best. No, I haven’t read any spoilers online so if you know who dies or anything DON’T tell me!)

p.s. Today is also my brother-in-law’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Mathieu!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Laura!

  1. I had no idea that the LYS made patterns ‘on the fly’. Is it the one down the hill in the mall?

    I was there yesterday too – doing groceries and pharmacy, so must have just missed you.

    That little baby of yours is turning into quite a handsome little boy. 🙂


  2. Happy birthday to your sister (and your brother-in-law)! Isn’t it strange to realize how old your siblings are? I am so shocked that my “little” brother will be turning 27 this year! I have to admit, it makes me feel pretty old.


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