one down…


Today was a lazy day. We stayed indoors most of the day, only venturing out to check the mailbox. Jakob slept a wonderful 8 hours last night from his 9:00 feed/bedtime, then another 4 hours after that.
I managed to get a few photos of Jakob playing on the entrelac blankie I knit for him. I didn’t remember to take our weekly photo, since today is 12 weeks, but I’ll take one tomorrow.

I kept meaning to knit all day, but somehow, as seems to be the routine with a baby, stuff always happened. The few times he’d go down for a nap I ended up eating a meal, tidying up, soothing him from crying…I finally managed to knit at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I had a minor success as I finished the first sock of the pair. I just need to graft the toes shut and then I can start on the second sock.

We went out for a bit tonight with Yannick and my mom. We are finally taking care of having our wedding album made (it’s going to be a years since our wedding on Sept 3rd) so we went to meet with the photographer and get a refresher on how many photos to choose, which album style, etc…

Now I’ve just given Jakob a bath and put him into bed. He’s protesting loudly from the other room, so I’m going to see to him then try and get the cuff done from the next sock. Goodnight!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “one down…

  1. It took me just about that long to get my wedding album made – I know the feeling! Love the entrelac blanket – must get a project going using that technique!

    We stayed in today too… it was just one of those days! I didnt get any knitting done, you’re lucky to have had time!


  2. Our wedding photographer gave us a 30 day “deadline” after we got the proofs to put together our album order. I’m pretty sure nothing really happened if we missed the deadline, but it was nice to get it done before we got too caught up in other things. We have friends who were married over 6 years ago and still don’t have a wedding album!


  3. Forgot to mention, the blanket looks beautiful!


  4. What a handsome baby on a beautiful blanket! I’m now making the alphabet blanket that I first saw on your blog!


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