soooooo far behind

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I can’t believe I’m a week behind on posts again. Let’s see if I can sum up (it’s going to be a long post so I’ll try not to be too wordy):

Last Wed (Aug 1st) my mom came over and we took Jakob over to my aunt’s pool for his first swimming lesson.
He was mostly asleep when I brought him into the water, and since the pool is heated there wasn’t much of a difference between the temperature of the water and of the air, so I’m not quite sure at what point he realized something was different.

You’re not allowed to put sunscreen on babies under 6 months old, so to protect him from the sun I had him in a tshirt and hat, plus I brought him in after the sun had started to go down.

Right before we got out of the pool I decided to dunk him. I’m so proud- he cried for a split second when I tilted him forwards to put his face in the water but not at all when I dunked him completely under. I think he was in too much shock. šŸ™‚ My mom captured the whole day on video so Yannick was able to watch it later and see what he missed.
He clearly wasn’t traumatized, as the moment he was bundled and warm he began “talking” and smiling at my aunt and cousins.

Thurs (Aug 2) I brought Jakob to the CLSC to be weighed. My big boy now weighs 12 lbs, 3.5 oz. We didn’t stay to hang out this time, instead I brought him to my mom’s so she could watch him while I went to Spa Lyne Giroux to have a polish change done on my finger and toe nails. I have to say I wasn’t too happy with the job that was done. I had my eyebrows waxed too while I was there. I have fair eyebrows and I only need to get them done about twice a year, but I always wonder why I don’t go more often. I find that a nice shaped eyebrow really brightens up my face and almost makes me look like I have makeup on. It’s a wierd thing to say, I know, but it makes me feel more “done” somehow. I did all the pampering because we had a wedding on Saturday and my polish was all chipped. I figured it would be cheaper to have a polish change done than a full manicure but it was expensive there. I wouldn’t go back there for that, I heard there’s a better place on Pierrefonds blvd so I’ll try them next time.

Thursday night we had supper at my mom’s then came home to work on unpacking some of my clothes while Yannick went to bring a cot to my grandmother’s so my aunt (coming in from TO) would have somewhere to sleep, since we took their old bedroom set for our new house.

Fri (Aug 3) I…shoot, I can’t remember what I did during the day, so I’m going to guess that Jakob and I slept in until noon then hung out until supper time, when Julie and Rich came over for supper. Yannick and Rich went to pick up some food from New Kam Shing and it was so good! Cashew chicken, crispy noodles, General Tao chicken and some tempura veggies…yum!

Sat (Aug 4) We left in the morning and drove up north to Yannick’s parents’ house. It was crazy- we had assumed that since NASCAR was in town there would be no one driving OUT of town but the traffic was terrible! Plus there was construction so for the first time ever it took over 2 hours for us to get there. It’s too bad we had the wedding that day because we were offered NASCAR tickets. That would have been fun- Jakob’s first racing event! We got to his parents’ house with just enough time to feed Jakob, change and leave for the wedding, which was taking place up at Mont Tremblant. The wedding was at a little chapel at the base of the hill, right in the resort, and the reception was at a nearby lodge. I videotaped the whole wedding as a favor for the bride and groom, then we left to go back to Yannick’s parents’ so I could feed Jakob. He was sleeping but I couldn’t go all night the way I was so I pumped and then we left for the reception. We had a really good time but left by around 11:00- I was full and sore and Yannick was tired, plus we had to be up early with Jakob. I pumped again when we got home and Jakob didn’t wake to feed until 5am which was nice.

Sun (Aug 5) We had a lazy day. Jakob took long naps in his car seat outside (gotta love northern fresh air!) so I relaxed in a chair near him and worked on the knitting for JCA. I was zooming along but hit a snag in the pattern so I had to wait until I got back to send an email and get some help. That night Yannick’s sister came up with her hubby and kids and we had a birthday supper for them (Brigitte’s bday was earlier in the week and Matthieu’s is next week, the same day as my sister Laura). After supper we took off and came home.

Mon (Aug 6) I called my doctor first thing in the morning to get an appointment. Last week Yannick had been a bit sick and he gave it to me, and I’d spent over 6 days with a very sore through and very dry, hacking cough. The nights were the worst, my coughing would even wake Jakob up. I knew it was just a virus but the pharmacist said there was nothing I could take and I wanted to see what my doctor said. I had to bring Jakob with me ‘cus my mom was busy but we went to her house after and visited for a bit. Later I went to the park with my friend Maaike and her daughter. Didn’t get any knitting done, but it was great to get out and talk to an adult! Plus her daughter is adorable! That night I had a late dinner with Yannick and watched the finale (part 1) of Hell’s Kitchen.

Yesterday- I couldn’t believe it- Jakob slept for 8hrs 15 minutes Monday night! The longest ever! I took him to my uncle’s store to get some computer stuff, then we went to my LYS and to the post office. I finally finished every thank-you card that was outstanding…from my wedding to the bris to gifts people come by and drop off, everything is done and sent! What a load off my mind! When we got home my aunt Mimi (from TO) came over with a girl she is fostering (sp?) and then they brought Jakob and I over to my mom’s so she could watch Jakob for the night. Yannick picked me up from there and we went to see Harry Potter #5 together. It was a great movie, and nice to get out, but I really miss Jakob every minute we’re apart. I couldn’t wait to get back and pick him up. When we got home I fed him, put him to bed, then worked on unpacking more clothes. It is taking me a long time because I’m going through everything and giving away a lot of stuff. Moving is fun- it’s giving me a chance to purge.

Today- I can’t believe it…Jakob slept for 8 hrs 30 min last night! Then after feeding he took a 2 hr nap, then stayed in his crib, awake and playing for almost an hour. I feel so rested! I’m hoping he stays good today…my mom and I are taking him to go see Hairspray with my cousin Robyn, Amy and my aunt.

Later I’m hoping to unpack more and get some knitting done too since I have a deadline!

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  1. It sounds like Jakob did well with his first swim! You seem to have such an active social life for someone with an infant. I am very impressed! As usual, Jakob looks very cute.


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