catching up Tuesday

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We’ve had such a busy week!
On Tuesday I took Jakob to the Pointe-Claire Plaza to get some knitting advice at my LYS. We both had lunch there and I finally remembered to mail a registered letter to the Fonds d’Assurance Responsabilité Professionelle de l’Ordre de Dentistes du Quebec (the insurance fund responsible for the Quebec Order of Dentists). Waaay back in April I was on my way up north with Yannick and we were munching on some cookies from Tim Horton’s when all of a sudden I bit onto something hard. It was a very, very soft chocolate chip cookie so I was confused- until I realized it was half of a crown that had broken off! I was so angry…the crown wasn’t even 8 years old. When we got back I’d gone to see my dentist but he said he’d have to charge me to repair it because you can only repair it by replacing it. He was surprised that the dentist who had done the crown had only used porcelain (not porcelain and gold) because it was my back molar which needed the gold for strength since the tooth gets used all the time. He told me to go back to the dentist who did the work. The problem is that she moved to the States for her husband’s job. The clinic she used to work for told me that if she was here she’d probably have replaced it for free, but since she was gone they have no responsability towards the quality of her work, and no obligation to fix it. They told me to call the Order, and the Order’s union department told me to write to the dental insurance people and ask for the money it would cost to fix it. I had my dentist write up a quote for the replacement and he gave me a copy of the xray and I mailed it all off with a letter explaining the whole story. I really doubt they will give me the money to fix it (I should be so lucky!) but at least I’m trying.
After the Plaza we went to Fairview mall and did some window shopping. I had Jakob in his stroller instead of just carrying the car seat around, and it made going out much more fun since I didn’t have to shlep him everywhere. I wanted to buy a baby carrier to wear him but I know that sometimes Sears or La Baie carry similar items as Babies R Us and I wanted to compare prices. La Baie had nothing but I was able to buy a wedding gift off of a registry for Yannick’s friends’ wedding that we have on Saturday. I was also able to feed Jakob there…in the lingerie dept. they have a changing room large enough to go in with the stroller and it has a bench so I could feed him. The only thing was…ugh…I don’t know what was up with Fairview on Tuesday, the inner area of the mall (the aisles between stores…what’s that called? Wings?) was nice and cool and air conditioned, but EVERY store I went into was sooooo hot. I literally had to take my shirt off (in the changing room) to feed Jakob, since the feel of his hot skin against me was making me sweat, and both of our faces were red. Once we got out of there I had to go right away and wet one of his washcloths in a water fountain and wipe down our faces and I wiped his feet too just to cool him off a bit. It was so gross. We also went to Sears and I found some baby items. I bought a Snugli to try and was told that I could return it if it didn’t fit (although my plan is to return it if it is cheaper at Babies R Us). Then we went to meet Yannick for supper at the food court and then leave to go to Babies R Us across the street. Unfortunately they were closed so we came home and I wore Jakob around the block in the Snugli while Yannick mowed the lawn. It was really comfortable to wear him in it, and I can put him facing in or facing out, so we’ll try it a few more times to make sure he likes it and if so then we’ll be keeping it.
Later on I’ll post about our big day yesterday…two firsts in one day!

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