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…I’m so proud. 10 weeks old and he can sit in a Bumbo unsupported.
I’m in the process of uploading some videos and once they’re ready I’ll put a few here and put a link to the others.
Sorry for the few posts this week, it didn’t seem like such a busy week but the time just went by. On Wednesday we went to the movies again, went with my mom and ran into Robyn, Sean and my aunt once we got there. The movie was I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. It was a cute movie, but not as gut-busting funny as my brother and Robyn’s brother made it seem. I think it would have been funnier with an audience of teens/adults laughing, because they would have made it more entertaining. What did we do the rest of the week? I know we did a bunch of errands, went to the Wool Store for some needles and to wind the wool I got to knit another sample for JCA (my winder is packed and I can’t find it). Friday night we had dinner then Debbie came over for a bit. Yesterday we went to Costco and then Julie and Rich came over, followed not long after by my brother Aaron and his friend Brad. Aaron came with more clothes for Jakob- this is one well dressed, spoiled kid!
Today I’m just trying to finish uploading Jakob’s photos to Kodak Gallery and trimming the home videos I took so I can upload those too, then we’re off to my parents’ house for supper.

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  1. Wow, Jakob looks so grown up, sitting all by himself. It’s great that you are still able to see movies and go to dinner. He must be very good!


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