the house saga, part 1…

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…or, “It’s all Yannick’s fault”.

We didn’t want to move. We weren’t looking for a new house. Sure, we’d always talked about how nice it would be to have a garage, but we weren’t serious about moving. It was one of those “one day” things you just talk about.

Then my cousin Robyn had her son Sean, and they had a bris. The bris was called for around 1pm, if memory serves. Yannick and I left our house at around 11:00am with the intention of stopping for some breakfast, then picking up my sister and her boyfriend and driving down to the bris.

When we got to the breakfast place I realized that instead of a quick eggs-toast-coffee meal, he’d brought us to Chez Cora- a slow, sit-down breakfast restaurant with a long wait and big meals. Plus he wanted us to use gift certificates we’d received. This was not a good plan for me. Why should we fill up on a big breakfast when we were about to go to a bris with a lunch buffet? It didn’t make sense. (I’m not being greedy as in “let’s fill up on the free food instead”, I just didn’t think it made sense to eat such a big meal and then not be hungry for a buffet at a restaurant I’ve never been to and I’ve heard has good food). So instead we went to Tim Horton’s, grabbed a quick bite and then realized we had over an hour to kill before having to pick up Laura and Mike.

So we drove around. While driving around we just happened to stumble upon a cute little bungalow for sale. For kicks I took down the number and called the agent to find out the price. It was remarkably affordable, and we both kinda thought “hmm…that’s cool.” We kept driving around, and kept writing down addresses and agent phone numbers. Next thing you know we’re on our way home from the bris and are driving Laura and Mike by the cute little bungalow to get their opinion.

Suddenly we were “kinda looking”.

Then the following Sunday rolls around and we magically have visits arranged for about 5 different houses. Maybe we were “kinda actively looking”?

One of the houses we’d wanted to visit had sold, but the agent invited us to come to his office the next night and go through the computer with him. We went and found a bunch of listings that we liked. But the big question remained- did we really want to move?

We invited the agent to come to our house the following Monday evening and take a look around and give us a quote on what he thinks the house could sell for. Maybe that will give us a better idea of what we want to do- after all, if we can’t get much for our home then we certainly can’t afford something with more space, a separate dining room and a garage, right?

He came over Monday night and was really impressed with all the work Yannick and his parents did on our house (I helped too!). From the outside it is a 3 storey townhouse that looks tiny. From the inside it is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath with fireplace, very roomy and spaceous, completely updated and renovated and lacking a single iota of work to be done unless you feel like repainting. He was very optimistic.

Wednesday night he came back and gave us a quote, and we decided to list the house. We still hadn’t decided if we really wanted to move…but there was no harm in testing the waters, right?

Then it hit us- if we sell our house, we need somewhere to go! No more of this “browsing”, it was time to get serious! We started spending every evening on MLS and emailing our agent (how official- we were “on the market” and “had an agent”) with listing numbers and requesting the full PDF listings and scheduling visits.

Suddenly we were “actively looking”.

So that’s how we went from killing time on a Sunday afternoon to placing our house for sale, all in a matter of weeks. And while pregnant.

Coming up- house sagas parts 2 and 3!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “the house saga, part 1…

  1. So that’s how it starts? I also find that people who like to work on houses get bored when the current one is finished (my parents have gone through several). Kind of like getting bored with a sweater once the knitting is done.

    I do think that a garage is incredibly handy, and it’s always nice to have more room! We are very excited to move into our new, much more spatious townhome with a garage (if they ever finish it).

    Good luck finding the perfect new home!


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