Challenge # 1- Meet the Team*


Presenting the latest The Amazing Race team- The Kid & Me.

This is my partner, Crystal Palace’s Kid Merino, henceforth to be known as “The Kid”.

This is me. Um…wait. Turns out the Kid is more attention-seeking than I thought. I had a nice shot all lined up and it jumped up to block me out of the image! Lemme try this again…

Well, that’s not much better, but it’s me. No makeup, scraggly ponytail, Yannick’s old shirt and all. I’m not going to fool around, I know that the Kid is the real star of this team. (That’s why he got top billing).

The Kid and I have a very short history, but clearly our meeting was in the stars. It all started May 5th, when I saw this pattern online. It seems like such a cliche, the corny old line used in all the movies, but for us it really was love at first sight.

We had our hardships, though. First came the doubt: was I good enough? I mean, I’m an experienced knitter, and it’s not like I’m a lace virgin. But still. I recalled the first, forbidden foray into lace- the aptly-named Lace Socks. Then there was the lace inset in Bradley’s Baby Outfit. Sure, it was just an eyelet zig-zag, but it meant something, damnit! Oh- then there was that thing with Yannick’s Mom’s SteeplechaseVest– it had garter stitch mixed in, but it was lace, right? I feel so dirty…I didn’t think there had been that many yet the more I look back, the more I find. Like, I didn’t even remember that there was lace in the Tasha Tudor shawl. Who am I? There was even the long affair with the Goldilocks, but I can’t speak of that one. Last Wednesday I frogged that sucker, and the pain is still too fresh. Lastly, how could I forget that the Comfort Clapotis is lacy? All those dropped stitches? Oversized needles? Flowy fabric? Come on!

Ok, so looking back it seems that I really am good enough to take on this relationship. I have the experience, and the time necessary to devote to such an undertaking. But who would take this special journey with me? I spent so much time and energy trying to figure it out, even filled long blog posts with my trials and errors, when suddenly it hit me. Why not use the one who was in my sights all along? The pattern calls for Kid Merino- who am I to say that another would be better suited?

Once the decision was made all the pieces seemed to fit together. The needles were free, the yarn arrived quickly, and the pattern was free. The Kid and I were truly meant to be together.

It was the Kid’s idea that we take on The Amazing Lace. It knows I’m getting married Labor Day weekend and wanted me to have this one last fling before the big day. We stand steadfastedly side-by-side, ready for whatever challenges might come. Bring on The Amazing Lace!

*I have joined a lace knitalong called The Amazing Lace (link in my sidebar). Every few weeks challenges are posted, and I will have a blog entry as my effort for that challenge. This will not take the place of regularly-scheduled blogging.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “Challenge # 1- Meet the Team*

  1. Gooooo Jen! *cheering* You can do it!!!!


  2. Hi Jen!

    Glad you have fallen in love with The Kid and the Shrug!

    Be sure to send us a photo when you are done so we can show it off for you on our Web site, too! (or link to your blog photo?)

    We’ve just added 6 new colors to The Kid – we love the yarn a lot.

    Susan at CPY


  3. Enjoy your fling – and congrats on the approaching wedding.


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