Mug Cozy

mug cozy 02

I designed this pattern as part of my cousin’s fiancé’s bridal shower gift basket back in 2008. I wanted a mug cozy that was removable, machine washable and dryable, and didn’t need ties, snaps or hooks. This is what I came up with.

The cozies have some stretch to them, but were designed to fit standard mugs. If you want to make this cozy for a taller mug, you will need to keep knitting the plain section until you have enough clearance for the top of the mug handle. Likewise, if you want to make it for a wider mug, you will need to add extra stitches.

Get the pattern

The pattern is available for FREE as a blog post here.

For those who would prefer to print/save the pattern, I have prepared it as an easy-to-print PDF with clarifications and details that might not be in the original post. The PDF is available for a very small fee to cover listing fees/etc.

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