Coffee, Tea and Me Mug Cozies

ctam square

Coffee, Tea & Me is a set of simple mug cozies with 3 variations. “Coffee” has ribbed borders and reminds me of the corrugated cardboard sleeve around the take-out container of a famous, overpriced coffee joint. “Tea”’s border is also ribbed, but has eyelets give it a little something “extra”, like a fragrant Chai versus Orange Pekoe. And “Me”? Well, “Me” is a little wild, a hot chocolate craving for days when coffee and tea just aren’t enough to satisfy.

About the size of a swatch and taking less than two hours to complete, these cozies whip up fast, making them perfect for last-minute holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. With the cold weather and holiday season fast approaching, you’ll even have time to make one or two for yourself.

Purchase options

To purchase the pattern through Etsy click HERE.

To purchase the pattern through Ravelry click the “buy now” button below.

You can also access the pattern’s Ravelry page here.

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