Harry Potter: Knitting Magic (including a design by ME!)


I’ve been waiting so long to share this wonderful project with you, and I’m delighted that I finally can, because the book is officially out today!

Harry Potter: Knitting Magic – The Official Guide to Creating Original Knits Inspired by the Harry Potter Films

Featuring more than 25 projects, the 192-page book includes patterns for clothing, home projects, and keepsakes pulled straight from the movies – and even includes a few iconic costume pieces as seen on-screen.

There are projects designed with the movies’ actual costumes in mind, like the House Scarves:

…and the Beauxbatons students’ capelet:

…as well as projects inspired BY the movies like this gorgeous sweater based on Hermione’s time-turner:

…and this adorable hanger featuring the Sorting Hat and the animals that represent each House:

Even the staging and photography of the book is incredible- I mean COME ON-

This entire Umbrage scene is perfect!!

The book also includes fun facts, original costume sketches, film stills, and other behind-the-scenes treasures.

The book has already gotten really good press reviews (Martha Stewart, The Nerdist, Mental Floss, House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, among others) and I’m seriously honored that I got to be a part of it, and thrilled to finally present my pattern: The Order of the Phoenix Lace-Knit Throw Blanket.

It’s a circular blanket knit from the center out in alternating strands of a beautiful orange/red hand-dyed yarn that reminded me so much of Dumbledore’s cherished phoenix Fawkes.

The center of the blanket features flames to represent the phoenix’ fire, and is separated from the next section by a jagged dividing line that is actually Harry’s lightning bolt scar.

The middle section proudly proclaims the title of the fifth HP book (and blanket inspiration) in an eyelet font.

Anyone who’s knit my Lullaby blanket pattern can attest that while it might seem daunting, the text charts are really easy to follow and work up pretty fast.

Finally the border section features Fawkes’ feathers, elongating in rows until finally ending in individual feather tips.

I loved every aspect of designing, swatching and knitting this blanket, and I truly hope you enjoy it too.

You can click HERE to get your own copy.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Knitting Magic (including a design by ME!)

  1. Hi there!!! I just started the Order of the Phoenix throw and I think I found a mistake in the pattern. My stitches are not adding up. I sent it to a few people that know more about knitting than me and they came up with the same number that I did. Holding you can help. It could be that I’m completely wrong. Round 13: K6 yo K1 8x = 64 all good. Round 15: k1 yo k2tog yo m2 yo ssk k2 8 times = 80. Pattern says 88. Odd rows after that continue to not add up. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!!! Really excited to finish.



  2. Hi Alyson! First of all, thank you so much for knitting my pattern! I love seeing the finished ones. 😀 As for your question- for round 15 I think you might be miscounting the m2 as 2 sts. It actually creates 3 where there once was 1 by doing (k1, yo, k1) all in the same stitch. So the resulting count for each individual repeat is: k1 (=1 st) yo (=1 st) k2tog (=1 st) yo (=1 st) m2 (=3 sts) yo (=1 st) ssk (=1 st) k2 (=2 sts) for a total of 11 sts. 11 sts * 8 reps = 88 sts. Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!


  3. That was it!!! Thank you! I’ll post on Ravelry when I finish. It might take me a year…I’m still a bit new, but I wanted something a bit more challenging. Thanks again!!


  4. You’re very welcome!!!


  5. Hi, I’ve been knitting this beautiful blanket obsessively (my dusty house will attest) and am now on the border section. Row 90 of the section before says to knit to the last stitch, slip 1, remove the marker, put the slipped stitch onto the left hand needle and replace the marker. So far so good, the first round of the border says to knit 11 and turn – 12 stitches on the on RH needle. There’s where I’m lost. Which is the 12th stitch? I only have 11 stitches. Do I not knit the slipped stitch and just knit the next 11? Thanks for your answer. I’m really itching to finish!


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  7. Hi Jennifer. I am knitting the Phoenix throw and I have a question. I am using Debbie Bliss Rialto DK merino wool and 4mm needles. My gauge seems to be ok (the wool also says 22 sts over 4″). I have knitted 14 rows so far. I have checked the stitch count on each row and it is correct. However, he knitted area is forming a dome. I do not know if this is normal with double pointed needles – i.e. would it lie flat if I took it off the needles? Or is there something I am doing wrong? Perhaps I need to change the needle size? I can provide pictures if necessary. Any advice you could give me would be gratefully appreciated


  8. Hi Mary! I’d be inclined to believe there’s nothing wrong with your knitting. If you swatched and got the correct gauge then I would keep going. My blanket follows the principles of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s PI shawl where, in order to lie flat, the stitch count doubles by the time the number of rows double. You can space out those increases anywhere within the rows as long as you get to double sts by the correct row count, and after blocking it will lay flat (assuming gauge is correct). Therefore it is normal to have the knitting create a bowl-type shape as you are working because you haven’t reached the full increases yet. Later in the pattern I have the increases done in individual rows but for the beginning (center) motif I worked them into the lace pattern. By the time you get to round 33 the stitch count (144) will have doubled and it should lie flat (or as flat as lace knitting can/will while unblocked and still on the needles lol). Then it will dome again while you work the chart section as the stitch count won’t increase until the next increase round (to 288 sts). It will then dome again until you get to the next increase round (576 sts). (Also- note there is errata in the pattern- when you get to Rnd 90 you do not replace the marker for new beg of rnd. The final st that you slip unworked is the first of the upcoming border row which is how you knit 11 more and end up with 12.) Hope this helps!


  9. Thanks Jennifer. That makes me feel a lot better. I am a pretty experienced knitter but I am finding this an interesting challenge. There is no room for error as any will certainly show. Lots of counting. But it is a fun project and I am really enjoying it. I appreciate your quick response and I can envision having to reach out again. Happy New Year


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