so much for a streak


I’m a little bummed at missing out after having daily posts since the new year, but I don’t feel too bad ‘cus it’s been one hell of a busy week.  Photos to come once I upload, but basically every  night I was in full Keebler-elves sweatshop mode, baking up a storm for Henri’s birthday party on Sunday, as his 2nd birthday was on Saturday.  I put cookies in all the kids’ lootbags, so on Tuesday night I baked 100 cookies (4 each for 23 lootbags, then more to have a few extra in case of breakage), on Wednesday night I made my royal icing and iced 100 cookies, and on Thursday night I drew faces on all of them.  🙂  Then on Friday I had to bake my cakes, and on Saturday I made my own buttercream icing and spent 3-4 hours icing the cake, plus baking all the other food and getting everything else ready.

Tonight is guild so I won’t have a chance to upload my pics, unless I’m still awake when I get home.  But they will be up very soon and this blog will be a more colorful place.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “so much for a streak

  1. The cookies look good! Mack ate one so far. Sean is saving his for later. 🙂 I’m on a diet, so I’m being good and staying away.

    The photos that Avi took of Sean & Mack… is there any way to get them so I can print them? I looooove them.


  2. (your mom emailed me to show me the photos from avi… that’s how i’ve seen them)


  3. we need video of the special guest band too!!!


  4. Cant believe I forgot – again!! argh! Need a reminder next time!
    Thanks again for giving me the choice of the two parties 😀 Definitely had fun with your kids & my nephews! XO Happy Birthday Henri!


  5. Wow, that’s a lot of cookies! You are a supermom!


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