more knitting (and crochet) under the influence


Some minor setbacks (dehydration and a slight infection) have prolonged my tonsillectomy recovery, and I’m still home from work, still barely eating, and still taking pain meds.  A few days ago I berated myself for not working on my Superhero Costume which will be published as soon as I can get it finished- but I didn’t feel like I was able to knit and design properly without a clear head.  Because of which I worked on simple projects if/when I felt able to knit.  Today I really gave myself a hard time about it because I’d really wanted it published before the beginning of October (very unlikely at this rate), and that self-goading pushed me enough to try to work on it.

I should have listened to myself!  I’ve been knitting for most of the afternoon, and slightly rewriting the pattern as I went to account for readability and ease in construction.  I didn’t take a photo, but those of you who have seen the original Superman-themed Superhero baby costume know that it is a one-piece, footed baby outfit.  The legs are knit first, toe-up, and since I’d only received the yarn for it the day before my (latest) surgery, I had only completed the first foot.  I was right at the bootie section and today joined the contrasting color for the leg, did the intarsia bit and was coasting my way through the leg increases…about 5 minutes ago…when I realized my big goof.  I have yarn for 2 versions of the pattern- one for babies and one for toddlers.  Each version has a different color scheme.  And the yarn I’d grabbed for the leg and had been knitting with all afternoon was NOT the right color.

It’s not the end of the world, though I think I will rip it out then take a little nap before continuing.  I immediately thought of “knitting under the influence” which reminded me that I’d mentioned, but never shown, the crochet mistake I made thanks to these pain killers (empracet, for those who are curious).

A friend’s daughter turned 2 this month, and had her birthday party on my birthday.  I had picked up some books as a gift (after a consult with the girl’s mommy) but when I went to wrap it and be prepared I felt like it wasn’t enough to just wrap up the books and give them.  I had a few days before the party so I asked Yannick to get out my bin of cotton (‘cus I still can’t lift anything over 10 lbs) and I picked out some bright white and some hot pink. 

I’ll get more into the details of the pattern when I post finished photos, but to sum up, it’s 2 granny squares that have been joined into a bag with a base and side gussets. 

You know that old reminder in knitting?  The one that goes “join, being careful not to twist”?


At least it was an easy fix.  This has now been 3 drug-induced crafting mishaps.  Hopefully 3 times is the charm and this will be the end of it!

Of course, I will end up needing a 3rd surgery, so hopefully 3 times is a charm there too!!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “more knitting (and crochet) under the influence

  1. Knock it off with the self-induced guilt trips, will ya? You’ve had surgerieZ, sick children, and – oh yeah – school. Knit – or don’t knit – ’cause it’s FUN.

    I’m not worried, Rhinebeck will remind you 🙂


  2. Hoping 3rd time’s the charm for you as well! Good luck with surgery #3!

    Did she like the crochet purse you made her? I remember seeing it at Rosh Hashanah.


  3. She loves the purse! She puts it on, walks to the door and says “Bye!”. 🙂


  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I wanted to publish a free hat pattern in time for this Halloween, but also didn’t get to it. I don’t have nearly the good excuse you do. No one will die if you don’t get lots of knitting done while you are off, and your pattern will still be incredibly cute for next year. 😉


  5. Oh, I also wanted to say that your hair looks really cute. Love the cut and color!


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