almost everything else missing


I’ve changed my mind, and am not going to post backdated photos of the boys doing cute things or playing together.  I’d wanted to catch up each month as it comes, but the more I delay the more recent events become part of the backlogged past, and I will never catch up.  Here are the last of Henri’s weekly photos and monthly chair photos, which will free me up to start posting “live” again. 


Here’s Henri’s 9 month chair photo.  I think I’m missing 7 and 8 months, but it doesn’t matter at this point!

Mommy with Henri at 38 weeks.

…39 weeks…

…40 weeks…

…41 weeks…

…42 weeks…

Here’s his 10 month chair photo…

…43 weeks…

…44 weeks…

…45 weeks…

…46 weeks…

…11 month chair photo…

…47 weeks…

…48 weeks…

…49 weeks (on his own ‘cus I’d forgotten to take one with me)…

Henri at 50 weeks

Henri at 51 weeks (forgot to take a photo with me again)

 And instead of a 52 week photo (‘cus I forgot that too…man second-kid-syndrome is accurate!) here’s his 1 year chair photo, from January.

Henri is an awesome, funny, happy kid.  He’s a mule who will bulldoze his way through anything, over your legs and even through walls somehow.  He is the epitome of persistant, and I truly don’t think there’s anything he can’t do if he wants to do it badly enough.  He’s always in such a good mood that when covered up, no one would ever guess how severe his skin problems are.  He probably thinks it’s normal, and behaves as such.  He’s a trouper, and beautiful, and loving, and so much his own person that it drives me crazy when I expect him to act like Jakob.  But he’s not Jakob.  He’s our wonderful Henri, and we are so happy to have him in our lives.

 There, you’re caught up!  Now all I have to do is catch up on uploading my knitting projects but hey- it’s a start!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “almost everything else missing

  1. 2nd Kid syndrome is not accurate when you’re a photographer…! 🙂


  2. I can’t believe you’ve taken so many photos with so much going on! What a cutie, too! I’m so sorry he is suffering from such terrible skin problems. Hopefully things will get better soon.


  3. Have to say in 41 weeks ur hair looks awesome 😀 Look very pretty! You should Photoshop yourself into the ones where you forgot to add yourself in!


  4. I can’t believe he’s already a year and a half old! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO??? Jeez! This is ridiculous. Well, you’ve certainly got a lovely family, Jennifer. 🙂


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