20, 21


2009-05-26 wk 20 01a

Mommy with Henri at 20 weeks.

I have no idea what I did last week.  I know I got NOTHING accomplished.  Maybe some laundry, some cooking too.  I remember whipping up some butter toffee pecans for Yannick to bring to my dad’s surprise birthday poker game.  I know Yannick worked a lot so I was home with the boys a lot, plus my mom still comes by on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see the kids and to help out.  Especially Thursdays ‘cus Yannick works late.

2009-05-28 03a

I can’t think of anything else I did. 

2009-05-28 04a

I LOVE this photo of Henri.  I feel like I should find the smiling one cuter, but for some reason this pose melts my heart.  I feel like this is what he’ll look like as a teenager…he looks too old!

2009-05-30 02a

Jakob got a pair of Superman pjs for his birthday, complete with Velcro’d cape.  You can’t see it ‘cus his arm is in the way, but it even has airbrushed “abs”!  He only wore them to run around, though, ‘cus my skinny pisher has such narrow hips that the shorts kept falling to the ground.

2009-06-02 01a

On Tuesday my mom picked Jakob up from daycare, and when she got home with him they had a friend with them- she’d bought Jakob his first fish!  Of course his name is Nemo since Jakob has watched Finding Nemo at least 10 times since getting it at his party.  We had a small battle when he didn’t understand why he couldn’t open the bowl and play with Nemo, but now he knows that the fishie is for looking at with his eyes only, and not his hands.  My mom also brought a glass fish with the air bubble floating ball just in case the original Nemo doesn’t make it!

2009-06-04 21wksa

Mommy with Henri at 21 weeks.

I know- you’re thinking this is crazy!  A weekly photo posted on time!  On the actual day-of!  What can I say?  I’m neglecting my laundry, cleaning and supper to post this photo.  Don’t say I never think of you!  🙂

Can you read Jakob’s shirt?  It says “Still Living With My Parents”.  LOL


Finally, a big thank you to my cousin Amy, who totally went out of her way to bring me this gorgeous yarn as a thank-you to me for helping her with her knitting and sewing.  It was my pleasure and this was totally unnecessary…but I’m still looking forwards to having it on my feet!!!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “20, 21

  1. I love the Yummy yarn! I can’t wait to see what you knit with it!

    I picked up for Sean in Florida back in January Superman Pj’s with removable cape, but they’re long pants instead of shorts. Jakob looks so cute in his. Sean didnt get them yet, they’re size 3, so they’re put away for Birthday or Chanukah presents this year.

    Henri’s getting so big!


  2. Like I said, it was my pleasure! Just knit yourself something pretty with it 🙂 It’s for all the times I have called you, came over for you to help me rip something back, shown me what to do or helped me!

    Cute superman outfit!!!

    Good luck with the fish…cause taking care of a baby, a toddler, a husband and a cat was not enough for ya!


  3. My son had to move home temporarily when he was 28 (relationship broke up). He bought himself a birthday cake for the family party inscribed “You’re 28 years old. You live at home. God, you’re a loser! Happy Birthday!” which broke everyone up when they read it. I need to find a larger shirt just like Jakob’s to give him!


  4. Ah, the first fish. We’ve moved on to the harsher lessons in life at Casa de Dear. Stuck a crayfish in with the goldfish without realizing they’re carniverous, then had to explain to Émilie why there was half a fish floating in the tank the next morning. Whoopsee! lol


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