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Well folks, you heard it here first.  Despite rumors to the contrary, dinosaurs DID once roam the earth, and even here in Montreal, of all places.  I was onhand at the unearthing of these two dinosaur “parts”, and have it on good authority that what we are looking at is the sole of a left foot, and the upper half of the foot leading towards a thigh.  It’s remarkable, people, simply remarkable.

I’m told that the skin has lasted so long and yet remained in such pristine condition due to a combination of two factors- a) the skin is composed of something called “Smart Superwash”, and b) it is freaking cold in Montreal most of the year, so decomposition rarely had a chance to set in.

In my dedication to you, my readers, I will continue to update my website as more of these parts are found.  After speaking with officials I’m pretty sure that the plan is to locate all of the dinosaur’s parts then put it all together so that we may see how this dinosaur once looked.  There might even be stuffing involved, and the ability to declassify this find from “rare and hopeless parts” to “proper child’s stuffed toy”.  We have the technology.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “amazing discovery

  1. LOL! I made a stuffed dinosaur once, the pattern was in the defunct Family Circle Easy Knitting….the pattern started off great, but as it got further along, it got more and more vague and not as detailed of instructions. At the end, it said “Sew head to body as in picture”….the picture was a tiny little thing and you couldn’t see exactly how it was joined! But it was loved (even though it was not a ‘real’ dinosaur species!!). I love the wrapper you made for the scarves. I wish I had done something like that for the ‘dead bunny cowl’ I made for my daughter’s teacher. I drew a sketch and scribbled a note, LOL.


  2. Mackie cannot wait to meet his Dino.

    Sean’s in his BIG BOY BED (oy) tonight, for the first night, and he’s got his elephant with him – just to let ya know! 🙂 He loves it. I’m sure Mack’s going to love his dino!

    Now, I wonder… will a dino be born first, or a baby pop outta you? 🙂


  3. Fascinating what they dig up during roadwork, n’est-ce-pas ? 😉


  4. Teehee! It is looking very cute so far. Good luck excavating!


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