proud mama!


I know I said I couldn’t get on the computer at home until after the weekend, but I HAD to take advantage of the time my in-laws are out at dinner to hop on and post a quick photo.  I’m so proud and I just had to share it!

Nope, it’s not knitting.  Jakob came home from daycare today with a bag full of craft projects he’d made for us!!!  I feel like bursting!  I know he obviously had help, and I know it’s just scribbles and glue, but this is the first crafty thing he’s ever done that I haven’t been a part of…and I’m touched.



Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “proud mama!

  1. I love love love it when there is art projects in Sean’s cubby when I pick him up from daycare. We have stuff hanging all over the house! (And his first painting ever is framed in our house!) Future picasso!


  2. Gorgeous! Now you can start decorating the tree with Jakob’s art. The best part is that they keep getting better and more interesting. It’s fun when you see the personality coming through in the arts and crafts. Those are quite well done, I’m impressed. I especially like the red ball-shaped object with the cut outs glued to it.


  3. They’re gorgeous Jenn! I know just how you feel (and Robyn, and Maaike…)
    We’ve taken to photographing every project as it comes in – once on it’s own (nicely staged, you know, like stash yarn…) then one pic with Aidan so we have a record of the age he was at when he made it. It makes it easier to decide which ones need to be kept and which ones can be sent to grandparents when we know we have a permanent record of them all.
    They’re beautiful, what a clever boy 🙂


  4. My first thought when I read that title was “She’s had baby #2!!!” Hahaha! Those art projects are precious!


  5. Émilie (and now Maxime!) has been coming home with a backpack full of projects and drawings every Friday since she started daycare. The fridge door is about to fall off from the weight of the magnets! Be proud, we only experience these first moments once.


  6. Awww, how sweet! RJ brings home art projects too, but she’s so little I’m sure they are mostly the creation of her caregivers. Still, I’m glad she is exposed to artistic endeavors so young. She does seem to love playing with yarn, so I’m hopeful she’ll be a crafter.


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