go figure!


As soon as I finished the pink Flower Scarf (for Jakob’s teacher Vanda), I found out that Vanda would be leaving the class, to be replaced by Angela.  “Ok,” I thought, “I’ll just give the pink scarf to Amanda and hope she likes pink.  I then cast on for same scarf in a blue Smooshy colorway, to give to Lucia, the “sub” teacher who is in and out of Jakob’s class all week.  (She’s not officially his teacher, but she’s in his class half a day almost every day, which counts as a caregiver to me).  The last scarf I would make would be for Anna, Jakob’s second official teacher, to be done in a green colorway of a Louet sportweight yarn.

I’m about 80 rows into the 200-ish row length of the neckwarmer part of the blue scarf.  (If you count the knit columns there are only 100 on the finished pink scarf, but it takes 2 rows to get 1 knit stitch on each side of the scarf…ergo 200 rows).   I probably could have had the scarf finished by now, but I haven’t been doing any knitting at home this week.  Check it out:


We finished unpacking all the boxes!  Yes, technically there are about 5 boxes of stuff that was officially unpacked then “repacked” (condensed) into other boxes so all the stuff that will eventually go into my office goes together, but we went through everything!  10 jumbo industrial trash bags and 20+ boxes of clothing, shoes, purses, craft supplies, picture frames, knicknacks and other items donated to the Mercaz later, and we’re done!

So yeah, I haven’t done much knitting, but I knew that once Yannick’s parents got here they would be busy working downstairs, and during the week my nights can return to knitting by the TV instead of deciding which of my possessions are worth keeping.

I got a phone call last night from my cousin who works at the same daycare.  Go figure- Lucia doesn’t work there any more!  Apparently she had some health issues that need her to focus more on herself and taking care of the kids was getting in the way.  Don’t get me wrong- I wish her all the best and a speedy, healthy recovery…but what is UP with my luck lately?  I knit a pink gift- the supposed pink recipient leaves his class.  I knit a blue gift- the supposed blue recipient leaves the school.  I’m afraid to knit the green one- who knows what will happen to Anna?!?

My luck isn’t all bad, though.  Angela’s (the new teacher) favorite color is pink, so she will get the pink scarf.  Anna (supposedly) isn’t going anywhere, so she will get the green one, as planned.  And Vanda has been called back in as the sup (to replace Lucia), and while it isn’t her favorite color, she looks fabulous in blue.  So she will get the blue one.

And now I’m here at work while my mother-in-law takes Jakob and his cousins to a local Christmas parade. I wish I could be there to see his face!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “go figure!

  1. That’s insane about Jakob’s teachers. I hope Sean’s 2 teachers dont go anywhere, I love them.

    Do you know that Le Mercaz employees go through the stuff to see what they want first before it goes to the needy? Maybe find a worthier cause to donate to. I have a friend whose mom works or worked there and I heard it first hand. Not cool!


  2. Ugh, we still have a few boxes to go through. Just like you, we have to decide what to keep and what to donate. I hope the teacher situation stabilizes soon!


  3. I’m lucky, my daycare lady wants gifts for the daycare (toys, puzzles, books, that sort of thing). I knit her a hat last year though.


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