‘cuz i need more stash in my life


During the SP12 run I surprised my downstream pal with a skein of the new Noro sock yarn.  I knew which colors she preferred, but it was hard to tell which of the colorways would be best judging solely by their on-screen photos.  A Ravelry search showed some knitted samples, but I still needed a better look.  So- I bought both.  Seeing the yarn in person helped me decide right away which skein would be best for my pal…and luckily (for me) the other skein was best for…me.

I really love the colors.  The skein is upstairs and I’m feeling lazy, so I don’t have the colorway handy.  I took the photos in sunlight without flash to try and get the colors as accurate as possible.  They’re pretty close (on my monitor)- a deep gray-ish purple that fades through to a silvery mauve and is shot through with a soft moss green.

These will become socks for me.  Not just yet- too much on my plate right now- but as soon as I can cast on I will divide the skein into two balls and work the socks toe-up to make sure I have enough for a matching pair.

p.s. I’d love to know why 80% of the time my flash-less photos come out blurry.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “‘cuz i need more stash in my life

  1. For your flash-less photos, especially if you’re doing them inside where there is significantly less light than outside, it helps if you use a tripod. Since you’re photographing yarn (which doesn’t move) it will allow you to have the proper exposure without getting things to be blurry. If you were photographing Jakob, however, it would be useless, as he would probably move too much to take flashless photos indoors.


  2. p.s. I”m impressed, bloglines had this in my feed this morning, only one day after you posted it. Just thought you’d want to know. 😉


  3. Nice! But um… ahem… aren’t you technically not supposed to buy yarn unless it’s for something you’re designing? (says she that just came off a monstrous binge at Rhinebeck).


  4. Using the flash allows for a very short shutter speed. No flash, and you need the shutter open longer to get enough light in to get good exposure. You’d think the difference between 1/100th of a second and 1/60th of a second (for example) isn’t all that much, but it’s amazing how much your hands move in that minute amount of time. The flash also will illuminate ‘deeper’, brighten up all areas so they are easier to see, some loss of detail without the flash is because, just like our eyes in the dark, there isn’t enough contrast for the camera to make distinct imprints. So, there’s blurriness (shakey hands) and lack of detail to both contend with.
    LOVE the Noro colours!


  5. That is some lovely sock yarn! I think you’ve got some really good explanations of the issue with flashless photos.


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