who you calling a baby? i’m a TODDLER!!


Jakob’s WALKING!!!

He’s been doing more and more on his own lately, cutting corners around furniture and choosing to walk the 5 or so steps to the next piece instead of easing his way around holding on. Today at work a family member was playing with him, and he would walk up to 10-12 steps to the next “thing” to grab on to.

Tonight we finished supper early so I took him for a walk. We live about 10 houses from the end of my street and we walked to the end together, Jakob walking and holding on (barely) to one of my fingers. A few times he’d get tired and sit down, but I’d stand him back up, give him my finger to hold, and we’d keep going.

On the way back home I noticed that when I’d stand him up, he seemed to be trying to move away before I had a chance to stand back up and give him my finger. I tried letting go…but I was nervous because it was all sidewalk and lawns- no large objects around for him to walk to and grab on. So he didn’t stop! He just kept walking down the street, arms up for balance. I couldn’t believe it! He’d make it about the length of 2 properties before stumbling or sitting down, and I’d stand him back up and he’d keep going another 2 or 3 houses.

I kept my camera handy when we got home, and luckily happened to have it on when this happened:

Yay Jakob! Congratulations on another milestone, honey! We’re so proud of you!!!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “who you calling a baby? i’m a TODDLER!!

  1. I love that he walks like a drunk man! LOL. He’s soo funny.

    That’s it Jenn…. life is about to take on another form of tiredness… you’re going to be chasing him! Once they realize they can walk, they run….!



  2. What a big boy! Just look at him go!


  3. Yahoo for Jakob! Now he’ll keep you on your toes.

    I particularly enjoyed the end where it appear that the cat running for its life. 😉


  4. Way to go Jakob! You can tell he’s really pleased with himself too. Awesome.


  5. Congrats on Jakob walking! I watched the Video! Very exciting!!! Get ready to never sit down again!!!!!!


  6. How cool! He’s growing up so fast. Of course now you’ll have to chase him, since running will be around the corner. 😉


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