the one with some yarn and a wave


Last night, after Jakob was in bed and Maaike had left, I commandered Yannick’s arms (I still don’t have a swift) and wound up the yarn I dyed Monday night. They wound easily but it was quite a sight to see Yannick standing with both arms outstretched and the Celery colorway wrapped from arm to arm, around his neck and under his foot in an attempt at keeping it taut. (I don’t have a niddy noddy either for rewinding a smaller skein). MUST add those items to my stash soon!

Well, without further ado, here are the yarns I dyed:


I love how this came out. There are some true black spots, and some raspberry areas, but most of it is a tone-on-tone mix of black/red and red/black and it is so subtle and striking. Did I mention I loved it? Unfortunately it is really hard to take a good photo of at night and indoors, so this is the only shot you get. The other angles came out really dark.


This came out exactly how I wanted. It is a soft transition from the darkest to lightest shade of a, well, celery green. (Or is it sage? Or moss?)
There isn’t a lot of variation, but I wanted a yarn where the colors had interest but wouldn’t compete with the stitch pattern. I think this might work perfectly! (I love it too).


This yarn came out really funky. I’m reserving my opinion until I work up a good swatch, but I think I’ll like it no matter what, if for no other reason than the fact that I made it.
If things worked out correctly than the black third will spiral around with the colored two-thirds. It will be busy, but it was designed to work with a plain stockinette stitch sock.

I made sure to post this tonight because Yannick’s parents are sleeping over tomorrow night and I don’t know if I’ll have time to get to the computer before they go to bed. I know it is a short post, so to make up for it I’m leaving you with a video of Jakob. I took this on Feb 29th (the leap year day) at work- you can see my messy desk in the mirror. Just about a week ago and he was waving with minimal coaching. Now he’ll wave for fun, if you say the words “hi” or “bye”, and when he doesn’t want to eat any more he waves “bye-bye” to his food. I think it is the most adorable thing!

(Don’t you find he waves like the Queen? You know, that “arm in the air, wrist moving back and forth” thing”? I love it!)

p.s. I posted this at 12:43 am EST. Youtube takes a few minutes to process the video once I upload it, so if the link isn’t working for you just yet, please wait about a half hour and try again. Thanks!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

7 thoughts on “the one with some yarn and a wave

  1. When do we get to see the swatches? I can’t wait to see the Oxford colors swatched up.


  2. Cool stuff dude.

    Black Cherry reminds me of the yarn I’m using for my Jaywalkers. (Opal)

    Got the email of Jakob waving, forwarded it to my parents – saw their email wasn’t on the list.

    By the way it’s my dad’s birthday today – call your uncle!


  3. Your yarn looks yummy! I love Celery the best. I really should learn how to dye, I’m sure I’d love it!

    Jakob is too cute for words.


  4. Oh wow. I’m so impressed – they’re al beautiful and I can’t wait to see them knitted up.
    KNIT. KNIT. KNIT – it’s snowy out – perfect knitting weather.
    Please post swatch pics?
    cheers – Kate-the-enabler


  5. The yarns look even better all wound into perfect cakes. 🙂 The video of Jakob is adorable!


  6. Love the yarns – especially the shades of celery green. Jakob is so cute. He’s a real charmer!


  7. I’m going to reiterate with the “love that yarn” comments I’ve been making for the last 3 posts. I’m very impressed that these are your first attempts! note to self: must learn to dye yarn.

    And Jakob is adorable! Maxime has just started clapping, it’s the cutest thing ever.


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